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Bridging the gap between your brand and your actions towards sustainability
ESG strategy, reporting and communication

Why define your ESG strategy with Republik?

There are many ways to determine a business’ performance. In addition to financial performance, companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is increasingly requested and analyzed by stakeholders. ESG criteria reflect a company’s degree of social and environmental responsibility, by measuring the social and environmental impact of the company’s activities.

At Republik, we believe that all brands can bring about change, and that all companies have a role to play in the fight against climate change and in the fight against social inequalities. Implementing an ESG strategy makes it possible to structure the way a company can make a difference.

Whether you are new to ESG strategy or have already written your annual ESG report, Republik can help you throughout the process.

We can guide you throughout your ESG process, from organizational awareness, to defining best practices, to implementing ESG strategy, developing communications, implementing practices, measuring impacts, and writing reports, in addition to training and mobilizing your teams.

The benefits of our co-creation approach

Our unique Create Social Capital approach is inspired by best practices in design thinking, and prioritizes collaboration between our client teams and our Strategy, Design, and Consulting departments at every stage of a project.

Through consultations and iterative workshops and presentations, your team will feel heard and represented in the project from start to finish.

1. ESG and brand audit

Our first step is to assess a company’s “maturity” according to ESG criteria. Then, we analyze how an ESG strategy can elevate your brand identity. We ensure this approach is an integral part of your business model, and that it isn’t simply greenwashing or socialwashing.

2. ESG planning and strategy

The starting point for developing an ESG strategy is a company's current ESG maturity. Next, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan is submitted, grouping together the various actions to be implemented in order to upgrade the company's practices. Thereafter, we work together with a third party to identify the key measurement indicators and objectives to be achieved and communicated.

3. Accountability

In this phase, we develop a structure, build a content plan, write, and integrate your report. A system of continuous data gathering is set up to simplify and systematize your accountability activities.

4. Training and rallying internal teams

This kind of process relies on the commitment of all your stakeholders. That's why it's important to train your teams and make sure they understand your ESG strategy. Doing so will not only rally talents around your priorities, it'll turn them into ambassadors.

5. Marketing

Finally, a 360 launch and communications strategy is set up to ensure proper deployment of the brand’s ESG approach on all relevant platforms.

Let’s collaborate

Allying your convictions, actions and communications

By creating social capital, our multidisciplinary team offers creative solutions centered on transparency and action to address current business, environmental, and social transitions.

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