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Perspective: a communication platform to highlight Pomerleau's ESG actions
Branding and ESG strategy

Social and environmental impact: a key measure for success in business

As a leader in Canada’s construction industry, Pomerleau has always put its sense of innovation towards building committed, collaborative, and sustainable practices. Wishing to transform this implicit mission into a tangible guideline, the company mandated Republik with the development of a new environmental, social, and governance (ESG) communication platform.

Lighting the way for the construction industry

Considering Pomerleau had never been afraid to go against its industry’s current, its impact communications had to be equally innovative. Our creative and strategic teams set out to highlight the values, heritage, and image of the construction company through an informative — and equally inspiring — ESG communication platform. The overarching goal was to guide an entire industry towards more sustainable practices.

A guiding path to underline Pomerleau’s ESG actions

Basing themselves on the idea of a guiding path, the agency’s creative and strategic teams created Perspective, an invitation to change one’s outlook on the construction industry. Borrowing Pomerleau's visual codes — namely, the stroke that underlines its logo — the platform positions the company as a leader in environmental protection, social action, and sound governance. This guiding path illustrates the trail Pomerleau is blazing to shape a future that lives up to its ambitions.

Perspective: ESG performance according to Pomerleau

An ecosystem of inspiring and accessible content

To engage other players of the construction industry in this transformation and to mobilize Pomerleau’s teams, we had to conceptualize the various elements of Perspective’s platform — namely, the art direction, a manifesto, as well as priority statements and their icons — in addition to several deliverables including an ESG performance report, a landing page, and a launch video. This variety of accessible content allows viewers to fully grasp the extent of Pomerleau’s ESG actions before even going through its full impact report.


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