Make the construction industry more sustainable



Pomerleau is a Canadian leader in the construction industry. For nearly 60 years, the Quebec company has used its sense of innovation towards building committed, collaborative, and sustainable practices.

An innovative company needs an equally innovative ESG performance platform to communicate its actions and commitments. Our brand identity and impact strategy specialists helped Pomerleau develop this platform and write its first ESG report.

Republik’s expertise was put to good use in structuring the report by establishing a narrative thread running through six priorities and the resulting targets. Once this guideline had been established, our strategic and creative teams wrote the entire ESG report and laid it out in a way that made for intuitive reading.


Based on the idea of a guideline, we created Perspective, an invitation to take a fresh look at the construction sector.

Inspired by the line that underlines the Pomerleau logo, this guideline runs through all the deliverables linked to the Perspective platform and the ESG report, such as the photo direction, the brand manifesto, the statements and icons of the six priorities, the landing page and the launch video.

To ensure the longevity of the visual identity developed by Republik, a brand guide was handed over to the Pomerleau team at the end of the mandate.


« We thought through and developed our ESG strategy with Republik. So it was only natural for us to collaborate with their talents in writing our ESG report. Once again this year,  it’s ambitious, transparent and of the highest quality – just like the Republik team! »



This voluntary reporting exercise is an excellent practice for a company that values transparency. Establishing goals with well-defined measurement indicators and targets ensures the credibility of such an approach.

Publishing an annual ESG report is also a good way of mobilizing an entire industry to adopt better social and environmental practices.


After one week

  1. 3

    minutes on average spent on the landing page

  2. 2000

    visits to the landing page in one week

  3. 335 000

    launch video views on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

New Project – Integrated Report

In 2022, we once again worked with Pomerleau to produce its first integrated report, combining both the activity report and the second ESG report. Our impact strategy experts proposed a number of optimizations to the structure of the ESG report, such as the addition of target assessment tables at the beginning of each section, in addition to writing the entire document.

This target assessment makes the deployment of Pomerleau’s ESG strategy more transparent. It also makes it possible to visualize the progress of objectives, including both the successes and the reasons for delays, as well as new commitments.