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Building brands for the better

An truly unique service offering

Our unique offering combines the expertises of impact, branding, content & media to create social capital.

Organizations create social capital when their actions benefit their business, the planet & society at the same time.

We first help organizations identify concrete actions to address social & environmental issues inherent to their business model.

We then create complete brand platforms to support their desire to do better business.

Finally, we tell their stories to the right audiences to grow their impact and commercialize their offering.

1. Brand strategy

Our proprietary Creating Social Capital ™ methodology utilizes the frameworks of B-Corp & the UN's SDGs as strategic planning tools and ensures your brand platform is built on concrete CSR actions that are aligned with your business model.

Our capabilities

Some projects are admissible to a subvention from the Fonds Éco-Leader!

2. Brand identity

Using the strategic positioning as a starting point, this creative approach is used to define how the brand will express itself, across all touchpoints and to all audiences.

Our capabilities:

  • Naming
  • Logo & identity
  • Brand narrative & storytelling
  • Voice, tone & ethics
  • Packaging

3. Brand Storytelling

Together, we develop campaigns or content strategies that let your audiences engage with stories that matter. Our editorial approach to storytelling is what makes us different; no models, no fiction: only real stories.

Our capabilities

  • Content strategy & creation
  • Campaign development
  • Employee brand initiatives
  • Art direction, design & motion design
  • Short & longform copywriting
  • Video & photo production
  • Video & photo post-production

4. Brand performance

Together, we develop and execute digital marketing strategies that generate conversions and drives your top-line.

Our capabilities

  • Digital marketing & e-commerce
  • Social campaigns, SMM
  • Search, SEO & SEM
  • Influencer marketing
  • Newsletters

They Create Social Capital with us

The benefits of Creating Social Capital™ for your brand

Acquire and retain top talent
Employees want to work for companies that do good in the world.

Increase your sales

Customers purchase products and experience from brands that represent their values.

Manage your brand reputation

The pressure intensifies for brands to take a stand.

Elevate your brand relevance

People trust brands who are committed, transparent and coherent.

Develop new products & services

Innovation today adresses real world problems instead of creating needs.

Attract investments

Investors know that stakeholder focused companies perform better on the long term.

Clarify your internal decision making

A shared purpose has every department working in the same direction.

Create innovative partnerships

Competitors collaborate to find innovative solutions, faster.

Do you believe your brand can change the world? We do.