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Put your convictions to work

Put your convictions to work

Joining our team means taking the time to imagine a more sustainable and fair world through projects that honor your convictions, start conversations, and inspire change.

Our multidisciplinary talents work in synergy to co-create brand and societal projects that match their ambition.

Inspired by our mission? Let’s collaborate

Our active job offers

Spontaneous applications

We are always interested in meeting people who share our convictions, even when we aren't actively hiring.

The 5 mottos that inspire our art

The courage of our convictions

If the people who join Republik have one thing in common, it is a thirst for change. Through words and actions and with courage, our team is committed to bringing their convictions into their everyday work.

Oasis of curiosity

What we do does not define who we are. Who we are defines what we do. At Republik, we value passion, thirst for knowledge, and a spirit of discovery - and we offer a safe space for curiosity to roam free.

The impact of imagination

For our imagination to be impactful, and for our impact to be imaginative, we must give ourselves the time, freedom, and confidence to dream.

Collective intelligence

Our greatest potential is collective. Together, we grow stronger as we create a favorable climate for us to learn, collaborate and thrive.

Open dialogue

As communication specialists, we understand the importance of expressing ourselves clearly and frankly. Opening a dialogue requires speaking truthfully, but above all, listening sincerely.

In addition to working alongside inspiring and committed people, joining the Republik team means enjoying these benefits:

  • In addition to working alongside inspiring and committed people, joining the Republik team means enjoying these benefits:
  • The equivalent of four weeks of vacation upon hire, plus two weeks off between Christmas and New Year's Day
  • The possibility of four-day work weeks thanks to meeting-free Summer Fridays
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage after your first three months of employment, including access to a virtual care platform for mental and physical health
  • Paid sick time, including mental health, wellness, and period days, no questions asked
  • Flexibility around childcare and family sick time
  • Flexibility around working remotely and internationally
  • Possibility of an unpaid leave or a part-time schedule
  • $400 allowance for wellness needs
  • 5@7s and cultural events
  • Monthly training sessions
  • Paid mentorship opportunities for all employees interested in leadership positions or other promotions
  • An internal Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee to which members dedicate time each week

Most importantly, our team is what makes Republik different. What sets us apart is that we truly care about our employees and we walk the talk. We strive to create an environment that fosters personal and professional growth so that everyone in the agency can put their convictions to work.

Watch the latest edition of our yearly team offsite

Each year, our team is invited to put their projects on hold to take part in the annual offsite. This event is designed to promote collaboration, discovery, and learning through a multitude of activities that reflect our agency’s values. It’s also where we present our quarterly awards.