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Put your convictions to work

The clock is ticking

We all want to build a better world, but let’s be real - we’re running out of time. Individual actions are a good step, but they’re not enough. We need to bring our personal convictions in the workplace and accelerate change. That's what we are offering at Republik with Creating Social Capital™. No more “business as usual.”

We work with clients that get it. Clients that are ready to tackle environmental and social issues, and incorporate CSR in their business models. That’s why we are looking for talent with strong convictions who have the ambition of creating the change they want to see in the world.

Don't set your convictions aside, put them to work.

Our job offers

What we want to achieve is important, but how we achieve it is even more important. Here are the 5 social standards that guide all of our decisions.

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We invest in our talents’ potential

Structured meetings are held to define and measure the progress of career goals and to give everyone an equal opportunity to grow.

We communicate honestly and without hierarchy

The involvement of different teams in our projects diversifies our perspective and enhances our propositions.

We don’t claim to know it all

We provide a work environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities for the whole team.

We’ve redefined telecommuting

We've held a variety of activities and initiatives to keep a healthy corporate culture during the pandemic, and we have allowed our team to work from anywhere (like our Tremblant office).

We walk the talk

We are committed to reaching B Corp's Net Zero Carbon 2030 goal and to upholding the UN Global Compact’s ten principles. In addition, we are required to report annually on our ESG progress to the UN Global Compact network.

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