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Why is Creating Social Capital™ so important?

Our capital is social. Our impact is measurable.

Our manifesto

The problem

Profit-at-all-cost capitalism has failed us.

Beneath the social, economic and environmental crises lies a much deeper transformation.

Which side of the future are you on?

The opportunity

Brands must show empathy to be relevant

Sustainable brands offer pragmatic solutions to the world's most pressing issues, answering their stakeholders demands with what their business model can offer.

Is your brand useful?

Creating Social Capital™ is the solution!

Consumer and employee expectations of brands has never been so high.

Creating Social Capital™ happens when a brand and its stakeholders create shared value for all.

It benefits the long term growth of your brand and your business because it adresses the social & environmental issues inherent to your business model.

What are the benefits of Creating Social Capital™ for your brand?

1. Acquire and retain top talent

Employees want to work for companies that do good in the world.

2. Increase your sales

Customers purchase products & experience from brands that represent their values.

3. Manage your brand reputation

The pressure intensifies for brands to take a stand.

4. Elevate your brand relevance

People trust brands who are committed, transparent and coherent.

5. Develop new products & services

Innovation today adresses real world problems instead of creating needs.

6. Attract investments

Investors know that stakeholder focused companies perform better on the long term.

7. Clarify your internal decision making

A shared purpose has every department working in the same direction.

8. Create innovative partnerships

Competitors collaborate to find innovative solutions, faster.

We're not here to surf the brand purpose wave.

We've been creating it since 2015!

Are you driven by the same convictions?