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Impact at Republik
An impact report to mobilize our industry

Measuring our commitments: the heart of our approach

Our impact report is the culmination of our efforts over the past few years. Since our commitment to creating social capital, several actions have been implemented. This report allows us to highlight our commitments, the targets we aim to achieve, and our performance indicators to reach them. By sharing our challenges, achievements, and findings with the entire marketing and communication industry, we hope to inspire change within our peers.

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Wondering why an agency of our size is publishing an impact report? Because we believe that making the right commitments can have a big impact. That's why we examined our responsibility with regard to the environment, to society, and to our industry practices. From this exercise was born our first impact report.

Industry summary ↓

This impact report is a call for collective awareness within our industry. We want all of us to mobilize and commit to adopting more responsible practices. Will you join us?

Talents summary ↓

At Republik, our relations with one another is an especially important point. Every one of our decisions is made based on our employees. We aim to ensure we create an inclusive work environment where everyone can act on their convictions. Working at Republik means working alongside inspiring, committed people.

Our highlights


Our B Corp score in 2022


invested in our impact committees


dedicated to collective training


of women in management positions

14 T

CO2 eq GHG emissions

Our commitments for 2025

Our governance commitments

Adopt impact and CSR best practices

  • Increase our B Corp score from 102.7 to 113 (target improvement of 10%)

Measure and communicate agency activities with transparency

  • Assess the impact of our client portfolio using our proprietary measurement framework
  • Publish two reports compiling the impact findings of our client portfolio

Put stakeholders at the heart of our decision-making process

  • Create a diversified advisory committee
  • Set up an employee share ownership plan

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Our social commitments

Build an agency representing the diversity of Quebec society

  • Develop an internship program to address the lack of diversity in college and university programs

Contribute to solving the lack of representation in the marketing industry

  • Bring together key industry stakeholders and get a clear picture of the lack of diversity in the industry
  • Develop an initiative based on a deep understanding of systemic barriers in the marketing industry endorsed by all agencies on the panel

Create a work environment where everyone is heard

  • Foster the conditions for 100% of our employees to describe Republik as a discrimination-free workplace

Create positive, measurable change in our community

  • Invest an average of 50 hours per employee annually in pro bono or "low bono" mandates (minimum of 30 hours per employee)

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Our environmental commitments

Measure, reduce and offset our emissions

  • Facilitate the offsetting of GHG emissions from services sold to 75% of our clients
  • Integrate biodiversity principles into our impact service offering

*Note that Republik has offset its GHG emissions for the last two years (2021-2022)

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Our commitments to company culture

Develop the full potential of our talents and offer an inclusive, flexible and rewarding employee experience

  • Reduce turnover from 33% to 25%
  • Offer 12 training sessions per year, attended by at least 80% of the agency's staff
  • Offer each employee a defined career path

Our commitments to company culture are planned for 2023

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Our certifications and commitments

Net zero 2030
United Nations Global Compact