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Putting our convictions to work through our CSR strategy


Our committees: caring together

During a day dedicated to Creating Social Capital for our company, our entire team came together to identify the most important issues within our agency and our industry.

Led by our head of strategy, this workshop followed the methodology that we offer to brands to establish the priorities to which we wanted to dedicate the most time and love, and from there were born our four impact committees.

Our impact in figures


Our B Corp score
*pending recertification


impact committees within Republik


The number of hours dedicated to our various impact committees since February 10 2021

Overview of committees

Green committee: A measured footprint

"We see a great opportunity to have big ambitions, and even to aim for carbon neutrality." - Julie, head of the Green committee

The Green committee has given itself the mission of fighting against climate change by making our actions greener and fairer. To achieve this, it has targeted three playing fields: first, the continuous improvement of our internal environmental practices; second, measuring the carbon footprint of all our operations; and finally, the development of an eco-responsible education plan that targets both our clients and our partners.

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Balance committee: Keeping everyone's well-being in mind

"For me and for everyone on the committee, the well-being of our colleagues comes first." - Martin, head of the Balance committee

Whether it concerns professional, physical, or psychological well-being, our Balance committee aims to understand the needs of our team in order to better meet them. Because we know that even if the issues on work balance are not always addressed in our industry, they have become even more essential since the beginning of the pandemic with remote work and our business growth.

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JEDI committee: Creating an environment where everyone is heard

“We, the agencies, have not yet succeeded in offering work environments and corporate cultures that promote the development of all." - Catherine, head of the JEDI committee

Republik seeks to change the world, and it seems obvious to us that this can only be achieved by bringing together people with diverse identities, experiences, and abilities, and providing them with an environment where they feel deeply free, heard, and encouraged. It is on the creation and maintenance of this equitable workplace that our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) committee focuses.

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Governance committee: To ensure the sustainability of the committees

"The Governance committee ensures that the entire team is aware of the practices put in place so that the whole agency is moving in the right direction." - Michele, Committee Manager

The Governance committee is the one that oversees all the others. Its role is not only to ensure the cohesion of all of Republik's actions, but also to materialize the vision and recommendations of each committee.

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Next key moments

Green committee

By the summer of 2022, we plan to update our GHG emissions inventory and publish a report.

JEDI committee

By spring 2022, we will finalize our new fair-hiring process.

Balance committee

The launch of Republik's wellness guide is planned for summer 2022.

Governance committee

By fall 2022, all customer, employee, and supplier contracts will have been reviewed.

Our certifications and commitments

Net zero 2030
United Nations Global Compact
Accélérer 2030 Québec