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Align your social purpose with your business purpose
Social purpose and strategic philanthropy

Why work with us?

To define a new social mission for your company, and structure an approach to community involvement according to principles of strategic philanthropy, with a focus on positive, specific, intentional, and measurable social change.

SOCIAL CHANGE GOALS: Directing investments towards a social impact objective that is intentional, specific, measurable, and based on a real social need.

SUBSTANTIVE APPROACH: Structuring the relationship between donors and beneficiaries using a substantive approach. Playing a leadership role in community coordination, mobilization, and knowledge-sharing.

IMPACT MEASUREMENT: Measuring the social return on investment using Theory of Change, to justify the relevance of community investments.

The benefits of our co-creation approach

Our unique approach to creating social capital is inspired by best practices in design thinking, and prioritizes collaboration between our strategy, creation, and accounts departments and our client teams, at every stage of each project.

Through consultations and iterative workshops and presentations, your team will feel heard and well represented, from beginning to end of a project.

1. Auditing

We determine our starting point by ensuring we understand the current philanthropy strategy of both the company and other industry players.

  1. Analysis of internal documentation (ESG report, donations and sponsorships policy, strategic plan, etc.)
  2. Analysis of the current philanthropy model (current allocations, volunteer programs, nature of partnerships, governance, communications, etc.)
  3. Analysis of comparables (literature review on best practices)

2. Impact strategy

Aligning your company’s social mission and philanthropic approach, to both meet society’s needs and establish a foundation for impact measurement.

  1. Definition of the social mission

- Definition of priority impact sectors
- Analysis of the issues (causes and consequences)
- Analysis of the ecosystem of existing solutions

  1. Definition of impact objectives, using a Theory of Change approach

  2. Definition of a measurement framework

- Concept for an impact evaluation framework
- Concept for evaluation protocols

3. Communication strategy

Allowing you to show the positive impact of your business' philanthropy activities on targeted social issues.

Raising awareness, contributing to education, and highlighting a social cause to create a positive impact on society.

Seizing communications opportunities: internal communications, accountability, awareness campaigns, etc.

4. Implementation

Ensuring your company’s commitments are shared with all of its stakeholders.

Examples of deliverables: Donations and Sponsorships policy, Employee and Management Social Involvement policy, Project Evaluation grids, Impact Evaluation grids, Application forms, etc.

Let’s collaborate

Allying your convictions, actions and communications

By creating social capital, our multidisciplinary team offers creative solutions centered on transparency and action to address current business, environmental, and social transitions.

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