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Sustainability & Social Impact
Actions speak louder than words

Communicating on your social & environmental impact is a huge opportunity

Expectations have never been higer for organizations. Does the world know how sustainable you are?

88% of consumers expect businesses to take action on social or environmental issues.

75% are willing to pay more for a brand that represents their convictions.

Communicating on your positive social and environmental impact is possibly one of your brand's biggest opportunities.

Not only will it help you connect with a new generation of conscious consumers, it will also be at the center of your employer branding narrative

In a world filled with green-washing, validating that your impact is real, net-positive and above industry standards is the first step to ensuring no arm to your brand's reputation.

Our methodology

1. Impact audit

In collaboration with Credo, we identify and classify your organization's current positive actions.

3. Communication intensity

We then evaluate your performance by benchmarking it to your industry's standards. The communication intensity grows with your leadership position.

3. Conception

With a Moonshot Thinking approach, we develop ambitious communication concepts that place your positive actions and commitments at the center of your brand storytelling.

4. Planning

We ultimately develop an integrated communication roadmap anchored around your organization's key yearly milestone moments.

Stay Away from Greenwashing with Fact-Based Storytelling

Our editorial approach to brand content always focuses on real people and real stories. That's a perfect premise for Fact-Based Storytelling.

By developping a narrative around real & measurable facts, we mitigate the risk of naysayers digging dirt out of our communication by ensuring constant coherence.

Your biggest risk is to communicate an impact you don't have!

And let's be honest; in an era where there's data for almost anything & everything, you have'nt really tried if you can't measure it.

Luckily, we can help with that too.

Contact us.

Ongoing projects

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B-Corp certified since 2015

The B-Corporation framework is used by 60 000+ companies worlwide, operating in 150 industries, to evaluate the impact of their company on its workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

We are part of a community of 3 000+ certified businesses to meet B-Corps highest standards, and have been doing it since 2015.

We utilize the B-Corp framework to guide our strategic planning process with our clients.

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