Quartier des spectacles

Highlighting the people who drive our culture


With Montreal’s festival season just around the corner, and the cultural industry facing a severe labor shortage, Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles launched a campaign to raise the profile of careers in the events industry. The goal? To put the spotlight on all the people who work hard to bring Montreal’s culture to life, but also to recruit other culture fans to lend a helping hand.


« Wowing a crowd can’t be freestyled. That’s why we wanted to showcase the variety of professionals involved in event organization and celebrate their work, while also highlighting the festivals themselves. By keeping the brand identity, we’re showcasing a whole other facet of Quartier des spectacles: the artisans who shine through with their passion and expertise. »

Maripierre D’Amour, Director of communications, marketing, and public affairs at Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles


In order to represent a variety of jobs, people and festivals, we focused on all the little and big roles that bring them to life, and that can only be done by specialized hands. This symbolism helps create an inclusive art direction and provide a sense of happiness. The hands are paired to demonstrate the connection between behind-the-scenes work and the joy crowds derive from it.



Promoting careers in the events industry not only strengthens Montreal’s culture and ensures its continuity, but also gives a boost to the people who contribute their skills and expertise.


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