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A perfect balance of creativity and functionality

Standing out in a creative industry

STGM, one of the largest architecture firms in Quebec, approached our team wanting a distinctive and easy-to-deploy brand platform that would promote the firm’s multiple areas of expertise and also ensure it stands out within its industry. One small challenge: our team had to build the brand in question using existing STGM elements.

Putting the focus on end users

The needs of people are central to STGM’s approach as a whole. The firm sees its product as more than mere projects: it strives to improve people's quality of life, one space at a time. The STGM brand platform we created had to be humble and personable, but also flexible enough to represent different aspects of a well thought-out building: the sustainability of a project, its high environmental performance, or the preservation of heritage. The brand had to be functional and easily adaptable so that the STGM team could then implement it.

A balanced and stable path forward

Finding the right equilibrium between creativity and function is the foundation stone of an architecture firm. The STGM brand platform is based on linking the firm’s graphic universe to that notion. The line of the logo, specifically where the T and the G connect, represents the process behind every project, with a curved line to represent creativity and a straight line to represent function. From start to finish, these two elements symbolize the idea of imagination brought to life.

STGM's firm description
logo stgm
wallpaper STGM
blue print STGM

“STGM went to Republik so that its team could provide us with the tools to express ourselves through a brand identity that was strategically linked to our strengths and our assets. Among the challenges we had was the fact that the platform had to be based on an existing logo and also needed to include content strategy. We could not be more pleased with the results.
Republik worked in close collaboration with our team to develop the brand identity and content strategy mandates simultaneously, which results in a coherent whole that is perfectly adjusted to the reality of our organization. The tools that were developed allow us to be creative, efficient, and fully autonomous with our content strategy.”

-Sandra Boudreau, Director of Communications at STGM.

STGM's website mockup
business card STGM
STGM bilboard
Design STGM
Design STGM
Design STGM

A toolbox to bring imagination to life

To ensure maximum reach, a complete brand system has been set up, with a rich colour palette and distinctive imagery. After a co-creation process where our team heard the needs of STGM members, the brand personality was clearly defined, with a tone that is at once inspiring, accessible, and credible and that is now reflected through its various communications platforms, both internal and external. This complete brand toolbox will allow the firm to more easily create its own social media content to position its experts as industry leaders.

STGM Architecture was equipped with a complete branding system that lets the firm stand out in its industry and create meaningful content for its various communications channels.

Instagram mockup post for STGM