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Encouraging circular economy by extending sporting goods’ life cycle

All on the Same Team

Cycling Avenue, Golf Avenue and Golfbidder are three brands that recover sports equipment so that it may be passed on and used by the greatest number of people. They approached our team to create an umbrella brand that would unite all three companies under its name—not only to endorse their promise of quality products, but also to unify employees and increase customer awareness.

Creating a Collective Impact

Different banners, different sports, different teams located on different continents… How to bring this all together without losing sight on the three brands’ respective traits? The key was to find a unifying vision that would provide a seal of approval and a strong sense of belonging.

Perpetuating the Life Cycle of Sporting Goods

All three brands share a mission: to change the way we buy and consume sporting goods in order to perpetuate their life cycle. The concept of a circular economy—and its importance—has therefore become central to our strategic and creative thinking. And because reducing overconsumption is a challenge best faced as a team, our work has also been based on the notions of community and collectivity: two fundamental values in the world of sports.

Crossing the Finish Line with an Umbrella Brand

To take the head of the three united banners, we created a complete brand platform—including a brand name, a visual identity and a new signature, Pass It Forward—that uses references from the world of sports, and more specifically, that of relay races, to which the name Laps refers.

From this platform was born an employer brand that would borrow the same visual and narrative allusions. Its goal? To rally the troops and score points with the brand’s teams so that they may want to take collective ownership of this mission and make it shine.