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The post-pandemic context is throwing the restaurant industry into a labor shortage. To consolidate and optimize its recruitment efforts, Ben & Florentine mandated Republik with the creation of an employer brand that would position the restaurant chain as an employer of choice. Ben & Florentine allows its talents to enjoy life to the fullesy thanks to an early-bird work schedule. Employees have fun at work, and after 3 p.m., they continue the fun by enjoying their favorite activities.


With Ben & Florentine’s new employer brand, we created typographic compositions that maximize the available space in the image of the talents who maximize their pleasure by coming to work in the restaurants. And we inserted photos throughout the text to put people at the center of it all! While the parent brand’s imagery showcases the menu items, the employer brand’s imagery focuses more on the steps involved in preparing the plates and the star ingredients of the breakfast. Even in the food photos, we make sure there’s a human presence to put the talents, without whom the dishes couldn’t exist, back in the foreground. Dynamic, explosive and maximalist, the four main values of Ben & Florentine’s employer brand are inspired by the daily lives of its employees. All these elements will be deployed in recruitment campaigns.

B&F_Marque employeur_4
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What our team loves most about employer branding mandates is that they enable us to support companies in setting up diversity and inclusion policies. And that’s exactly what we intend to do with Ben & Florentine. We also want to help the restaurant chain to continue promoting inclusive values in the workplace. Indeed, the restaurants are constantly striving to improve the quality of life of their talent, for example by promoting a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

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This employer brand had no choice but to be translated into a national recruitment campaign. Showcasing the daily schedule of Ben & Flo employees, the “The perks of finishing early” recruitment campaign illustrates what can be achieved when you finish early. The different versions of the campaign showcase the passion that the talents experience during their mornings@3pm and their 3pm@evenings, using the visual codes of digital calendars and event-driven advertising.

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Ben & Florentine is currently working on several mandates.

Our team will soon be rolling out a new content planning and philanthropic strategy. Ben & Florentine’s first collaboration with the Olo Foundation, whose mission is to give families an equal chance of bringing healthy babies into the world and acquiring healthy eating habits early in life, led to the release of Bene Flow.