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The Contemporary Art Galleries Association and The Conseil des Métiers d'Art du Québec
Rediscover local art here, here, and here: Reinvigorating our local artistic economy
Awareness campaign

A creative contribution

With the closure of museums and galleries, the cancellation of cultural events, and the financial instability brought on by the pandemic, the art world was left profoundly affected.
That's why the Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC), the Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec (CMAQ), and the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications came together to reinvigorate the industry.

Supporting local talent to revive the art world

With the goal of increasing the revenues of artists and artisans, our job was to demonstrate that the "shop local" mentality could easily be applied to the world of visual arts. Our challenge was to find the best way to convince the Quebec population to use its buying power to encourage local talent.

Art isn't simply beautiful. It can be healing.

The benefits of art in our everyday lives are often underestimated. Although it's well-known that they can awaken the senses and provoke intimate and profound emotions, a lack of access to visual arts can create a substantial yet invisible void that can be difficult to identify for many. And that's exactly what Republik wanted to highlight at the heart of this joint campaign.

Rediscover local art here, here, and here

The campaign we imagined showcases a lack of art by illustrating the literal void left by a missing art piece, encouraging audiences to visit the galeries and events helmed by AGAC and CMAQ to fill the empty spaces in their lives with local artwork. The TV spots were shot in immaculately white and empty homes that offered great contrast with the pieces presented and with the signature graphic element of the campaign: a red line that frames the void. On the brands' owned platforms, the solution was adapted to the social ecosystem with a series of "collectible advice" that helped deconstruct preconceived ideas of contemporary art in a simple, friendly, and impactful way.


"After a difficult year marked by the pandemic, the campaign #retrouvezlartdici came at a crucial moment to help shine a spotlight on galeries and their artists. While giving audiences incentive to surround themselves with art, the campaign invited people to rediscover our yearly event, the contemporary art fair Papier. With an eye-catching and elegant visual concept, Republik brought a touch of magic to our brand initiatives and helped us showcase local art."

― Simone Rochon, Communications manager, AGAC

Collaborators on the project

― Julie Lacroix - Association des galeries d’art contemporain - Directrice générale
― Simone Rochon - Association des galeries d’art contemporain - Responsable des communications
― Geneviève David - Conseil des métiers d’art - Directrice communications marketing
― Andréanne C-Desfossés - Conseils des métiers d’art - Gestionnaire, communications et contenus
― Guylaine Racine - Challenge média - Stratégie, planification et achats médias
― Hamie Robitaille - Pigiste - Idéation créative
― Patrick Francke-Sirois - Casadels Films - Producteur
― Alexis Chartrand - Casadels Films - Réalisateur