Acquiring and retaining talent

Employer Branding and HR Marketing

Why Invest in Your Employer Brand With Republik

Faced with labour shortages, the talent war, rising expectations for diversity and inclusion, and the disruption of the work experience due to the pandemic, companies need to take action.

The objective of this approach is to increase the attractiveness of your company as an employer of choice to potential employees, as well as the retention of existing employees.

To achieve this, we will develop:

  • your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • the differentiated positioning of your employer brand
  • its internal and external communication platform
  • a creative recruitment campaign concept, as well as the updating of all your contact points throughout candidate and employee experience: website, job offers, employee onboarding, recognition and team-building activities, content, and more.

The Benefits of our Co-creation Approach

Our unique approach to Social Capital Creation is inspired by the best practices of design thinking, emphasizing collaboration between strategy, creative, consulting, and client teams at every stage of the project.

Through consultations, workshops, and iterative presentations, your team will feel heard and represented in the project, from start to finish.

Our employer brand case studies

Allying your convictions, actions and communications

By creating social capital, our multidisciplinary team offers creative solutions centered on transparency and action to address current business, environmental, and social transitions.

Le capital
social, c’est
une conversation