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Brand activism and behaviour change
Cause-related marketing campaigns

Why create a social campaign with Republik?

Getting your company involved in a social cause not only allows you to contribute to a more fair and sustainable world, but also lets you engage with clients who share your values, and makes your employees proud to work for you.

To help you create positive change that benefits society and the public, our experts use classic marketing tools to create behaviour change campaigns.

At Republik, marketing is used for Creating Social Capital.

The benefits of our co-creation approach

Using known approaches like Systems thinking, Theory of Change, and human-centered design, our strategy team can help you develop campaigns that make an impression, and that create a measurable, positive impact for society.

Systemic analysis of the issue

Republik’s brand system will allow you to identify which social issue(s) your brand is evolving around. Next, a brand system analysis will help you clearly identify each issue’s depth, causes and possible areas of intervention.

Impact as an ambition

Identify the change that is targeted by the intervention, as well as what activities to implement, the expected results and the desired final impact. Theory of Change will guide you through this crucial step.

Evaluating the impact

There’s no point in having a campaign if its impact is not measured. That’s why a framework for data collection and measurement is designed before your campaign even begins.

Design and deployment

After the strategic analysis is complete, it's time to meet Republik’s creative team and bring your campaign to life.

Let’s collaborate

Allying your convictions, actions and communications

By creating social capital, our multidisciplinary team offers creative solutions centered on transparency and action to address current business, environmental, and social transitions.

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