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Offsite 2021: The Ascent of a Mountain

Offsite 2021: The Ascent of a Mountain


The fourth edition of Republik’s annual Offsite was, by its very nature, a challenge. In conjunction, 2021 represents a true turning point for the agency. Indeed, Republik’s new goals couldn’t be more ambitious. Our team wanted to host an event that reflects our aspirations: the ascent of a mountain seemed fitting.

Each year, Republik’s team is invited to participate in an Offsite spanning a few days. The intention is to encourage our team to learn more about each other and about themselves thanks to a series of activities that reflects our agency’s social standards. It is also the perfect setting for our quarterly award ceremony. This edition of the Offsite was held in the beautiful region of Charlevoix from August 26th to 28th.

Can You Feel the Excitement?

It is 6 o’clock in the morning on August 26th and, already, our team is trickling into our Montreal office. Their thrill is palpable as they all converge to prepare for their departure towards Charlevoix. Last checks are in order: head lamps, walking sticks, water bottles and food rations.

After a few hours on the road, Republik’s bus finally arrives at the base of Mont des Morios. The group look the trek up and down, suspicious of its feasibility… Martin Bertrand, head of Corporate Culture, mentions that “this was no small challenge, but it was completed with flying colours.”


Punctuated by bursts of laughter, small snack breaks and a little discouragement, the climb was definitely challenging. But the feeling of utter accomplishment that was shared by our team was well worth the effort. Many people even named the memory of sitting together, after the hike, to admire the sunset as their favourite part of the event.

The Calm After the … Hike

The next day, after its descent, our team was greeted with rewarding activities that made up for all their exertion. Martin Bertand emphasizes that, although it is important to challenge the employees with new experiences, it was paramount that they also had fun.

In that line of thought, our team was sent off to the Menaud Microbrewery in the Clermont municipality before stopping by the Saint-Irénée beach to enjoy Quebec’s beautiful landscape. Later that afternoon, Republik’s Offsite crew was welcomed by the cozy beds and warm blankets of Le Germain Hotel in Baie-Saint-Paul. While peaceful rest did seem tempting, it would have to wait! Our employees were invited to a feast on the vast premises of the Laiterie Charlevoix, where they could conclude their adventure on a festive note.

Watch the recap video to get a glimpse of the best moments of the 2021 Offsite.