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These 28 quotes heard at #InfluenceMTL will make you want to become a changemaker

InfluenceMTL is a conference that promises nothing less than to channel a positive influence upon it's thousand participants who all share a common passion & entrepreneurial drive. Led by a visionary Thierry Lindor with the support of BMO, Danielle Henkel & Nicolas Duvernois, the successful first edition iwas held in Montreal on May 19 2017, and it's already in the plans to expand to Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and ... Paris!

Here are the most memorable quotes from the day, with 12 from Garyvee at the end!

« The difference between infuencers & entrepreneurs is simple: Influencers bring value to a community. Entrepreneurs bring value to their shareholders.

Thierry Lindor, fondateur Influencemtl

« Behind every product lies a story and if we knew all these stories, we would buy products very differently.

- Nicolas Duvernois, CEO Purvodka & Romeo's Gin

« Before you can do something for the world, you first gotta do it for yourself. We can all make a difference in our own special way

- Nalie Agustin

You have to be very much involved with your employees if you want them to stay.

Dyan Solomon, co-owner Olive & Gourmando

Take a risk, and go with it.

Aiesha Robinson, founder Born to Rise

I think people feed into honesty. We’re here today because of everyone else.

Adam Viera, co-owner Station 16

« Every organisation has the capacity to have a positive impact beyond their financial bottom line.

Fabrice Vil, fondateur & CEO Pour3Points

« Everyday, I meet entrepreneurs who want to develop ideas that nobody wants to buy. SALES! SALES! SALES! [...] I sometime sell things my team can't do yet. So we do them.

Dominic Gagnon, Co-fondateur Connect & Go

« It’s about owning your audience, creating something different and going with it.

Chuck Lapoint, CEO Narcity Media

« A brand that approaches an influencer thinking how much he costs for a post has lost already. You're dealing with human beings, not numbers. Try to understand the other person and what they value to invest in your relationship for long term growth.

JP Shoiry, Chief of Strategy at Republik

You’ll do amazing things under pressure when you know there’s a deadline.

Jonathan Dresner, owner Notre-Boeuf de Grâce

We can all be the leaders of our lives, our values and our action.

Daniele Henkel

I have a passion and it’s the best gift i’ve received

Sandra Chevrier, artist

« Being an influencer is the 1st step to becoming an entrepreneur.

Oliver Kult, co-fondateur Maison Privée

« There's 2 types of shared economy: inclusive and exclusive. The first one facilitates and the second one tries to eat you alive.

Michael Bibeau, CEO Boostmi Technologies

« Do something substantial in your life and you won't regret it.

Adamo Mariani, President Crown Real Estate

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Gary Vee Influencemtl

EXTRA! 12 quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. The words entrepreneur and influencer mean zero and actions mean everything.
  2. Make sure your actions match your ambitions.
  3. Fake it til you make it only works for losers.
  4. Everytime you ask. You give up leverage.
  5. Health and self awareness are the 2 real pillars of winning.
  6. I implore you to realize how little of this is luck and how much of it is brains and hard work.
  7. Time is the number 1 asset we have.
  8. Information has been totally comoditized. The information is free and at your fingertips.
  9. People will never come back, people always move forward. (On the future of retail.)
  10. I'm a counter puncher. I watch everything.
  11. When u have nothing and and have no choiche you're at your best.
  12. What's a really good strategy to being an influencer? Really know your shit.


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