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Here's why we became a B-Corp.

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Here's why we became a B-Corp.

Social Impact

The B-Corp certification is awarded golbally to businesses with a higher Corporate Social Responsibility standard.

As of May 2015, republik became the 1st B-Corp certified communication & marketing agency in Quebec.

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British Columbia, Canada

When Vincent and I joined in as partners in 2013, we quickly aligned on the values that would guide our business decisions: authenticity, transparency, integrity & social return.

« It was important to us that those values be more than just words on the wall.

To act on our ambitions, we started doing the necessary work to obtain our B-Corp certification for businesses with a higher social & environmental return.

« It's with great pride that we became, on May 1st 2015, the first communications & marketing agency in Quebec with B-Corp certification.

Play a bigger role in our community.

Nowadays, companies not only have the power but the duty to be active stakeholders in their communities.

« Maximizing shareholder value with no considerations to social or environmental impact should be a thing of the past.

We believe it is possible for a company to integrate social & environmental return to their activities without sacrificing their financial bottom line, by aligning profit & purpose.

We come to realize that too often, businesses associate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with donations & sponsorships, even though these decisions are often made with a business return in mind rather than a social or environmental one.

A great way to maximize the social return of a CSR initiative would be to align the invested time or money with the core of a company's business expertise. It is our opportunity, as a brand editorial agency, to develop innovative strategies with our clients and generate more social value.

But before inspiring others, we had to start with ourselves.

Walking the talk.

To obtain the B-Corp certification, an assessment report must be completed & analyzed by the B-Lab, the NGO behind the B Corporation certification. It evaluates different business angles, such as governance, profitability, social return & employee engagement.

Take a look at the concrete measures we've implemented at republik.

B corporation

Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people.

Wether it's our suppliers, employees or partners, we wish for our stakeholders to share our same vision & mindset on how we, as a business, can make a difference around us.

Joining the B-Corp movement also allows us to be part of a worlwide community of businesses who all share the same values and with whom we can develop business relationships & exchange on new best practices.

B-Corp in numbers it's 1812 businesses, 50 countries, 5 continents, 140 industries from which the most notable businesses include Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, Kickstarter, Etsy, Hootsuite and the BDC.

bcorp best for the world

Growing the movement in Quebec.

Here's an opportunity to inspire other businesses in Quebec to join the movement and realize the positive impact they could have on their communities!

We're still just getting started here in Quebec, as only 15 businesses are now B-Corp certified. As a country, Canada is very active with over 150 certified companies, including Hootsuite, the BDC, Gestion Immobilière Quo Vadis and Baleco.

Companies should really take a look at the assessment report, as it's sometimes much easier than we may think to implement a couple of small things that can generate a considerable return.

« As a business, we must consider the impact we have on our community & the environment and act on our power be the change.

Businesses joining the B-Corp movement... the more the better!

republik bcorp event salon 1861

JP addresses our guest during our B-Corp annoucement event at Salon 1861.

republik quo vadis bcorp salon 1861

JP & Vincent with Natalie Voland of fellow B-Corp Quo Vadis and Joyce Sou of B-Corp Canada.

If you share our vision on the importance of considering our social return or if you wish to move forward in obtaining your certification, let's talk!

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