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Social Capital

Republik commits to working exclusively on purpose-driven projects by 2021

Certified B Corp since 2015, the agency turns to B Lab to help develop an assessment that will evaluate its potential clients' social & environmental impact, in order to benchmark the agency’s client selection process.

Republik has launched an unprecedented client selection process, allowing its employees to decide collectively on which projects to work on, on the basis of the client’s social and environmental impact. Through this ethical approach, Republik is committing to work only on responsible projects by 2021. This decision also confirms its intention to use content and influencer marketing to create social capital with its clients.

Looking back at the trajectory that led them to formalize the agency’s client selection methodology, Republik’s executives said:

“The evolution of our agency’s purpose was developed to answer two fundamental questions: ‘Why do we get to work every morning?’ and ‘What will we be proud of 15 years from now?’ The answer was in the alignment of our values and the way we practise our trade, for JP and me, but also for the entire Republik team. Our vision is to inspire consumers to use their purchasing power as a tool for change, together shifting towards responsible consumerism,” highlights Vincent Fortin, President.

To ensure a rigorous and credible approach, Republik turned to B-Lab, an organization that certifies responsible businesses globally, to develop a social and environmental impact assessment which will be addressed with potential clients before each mandate. Results will be presented to Republik’s employees allowing them to objectively determine whether a project reflects the agency’s values.

Kasha Huk, Manager for B Lab Canada, adds

“The B Corp movement is driven by innovative entrepreneurs thinking differently about the way they conduct business. Republik is an exemplary leader in this regard, and we’re excited to be associated with this initiative, which favours companies that have a positive social and environmental impact. It’s great to see the B Corp movement grow across Canada and in Quebec, as more and more companies act as a force for good.”

“As entrepreneurs, we firmly believe that a private corporation can have a positive social impact and still turn a profit. That’s why, back in 2015, we became the first agency in Montreal (and second in Canada) to obtain the B Corp certification. Our creative process also evolved around our editorial approach, grounding us in transparency & authenticity,” explains Jean-Philippe Shoiry, Republik’s Chief of Strategy and Operations.

Using Content & Influence to Create Social Capital

While the guidelines for content marketing are sometimes blurred, Republik has chosen authenticity, true stories and real people to create content that offers value to the audience. As Jean-Philippe puts it, “Our approach to storytelling connects brands and audiences that share values of cooperation, reciprocity and transparency, thus building relationships that advance the common good. That’s what we mean by ‘creating social capital’.”

Reinventing Client Relationships on the Basis of Social Responsibility Values

The new generation of professionals are looking for meaning and want to have a positive impact on society. Directors and employees alike want to be part of a project that moves the community forward. “Our idea is to start a conversation about values with our clients from the very beginning and, on that basis, develop a sustainable partnership that is motivating for both teams,” adds Vincent.

The process is underway and will be gradually rolled out over the coming months.


Republik is a social impact creative agency. Its purpose is to give meaning to the growth of brands, through the Creation of Social Capital™. It is the first B-Corp certified agency in Quebec and was named Best for the World in the "Employee" category in 2019, in addition to being a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and a member of the Global Compact Network of Canada.