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6 editorial “Made in Quebec” magazines that will leave you wanting more

6 editorial “Made in Quebec” magazines that will leave you wanting more


The industry of printed media is on the rise in Quebec. Our last series of Instagram Content put in light a couple of publications that got people talking recently. To look through a magazine is to offer yourself a tangible experience that social media platforms cannot provide. At least, not for the time being.

Despite the constant evolution of digital media, independent magazines are finding ways to stand out, by offering a depth and quality of content exclusive illustrations and interviews that we just can’t seem to get enough of in this screen oriented age.

With this new wave of magazines comes an approach that rather resembles a work of art. With this being said, magazines are becoming a medium that we are taking more time to appreciate. As much for its quality of content as for the design and depth. Some of us even find ourselves collecting these periodical publications. To say it all, this new model of communication encourages a form of consumption that is far from being mindless.

These collectives speak of current subjects in a unique manner, that attracts the attention of a niche market that is not only looking for quality content but also want a visually stimulating layout. A perfect example of this is Oak Street, a magazine signed by Frank and Oak, who stands out by their minimalistic-cutting-edge take on fashion. These publications go beyond being a basic editorial. They have become an extension to the brand itself.

A look at 6 magazines that put forth our culture

These publications are presented as themed volumes that show various perceptions on subjects such as food, art, fashion and so forth.

1. Caribou

Caribou is a foodie magazine like no other. Really, it’s food for your eyes to devour. Their unique approach is to focus on food, without ever offering recipes. The little group of journalists behind the magazine explores all aspects of the Quebec culinary culture. We can equally find portraits of farmer’s, sequences on restaurants, and much more on the multidimensional aspects that surrounds the food industry. Journalist Jonathan Fortier shares his opinion saying that this magazine takes on different angles, varying anywhere from political, economical or historical.

Maude Chauvin

2. Urbania

For many, Urbania surpasses mere presentation. This magazine stands out by its originality and its brutally honest view on society. They put forward individuals who shake the ground and make us question where we stand by putting forth subjects that can be seen as delicate, such as sexuality, gender, race…

Their mission is to make the ordinary, extraordinary. Essentially, to find beauty in what might seem absurd to the majority.


3. Dinette

Dinette is an epicurean publication, where food takes another form and becomes a medium. Its clean cut aesthetic will have you drooling for more. A theme is chosen for every edition and copywriters and photographers are asked to cover a specific subject. Particular topics come to mind when we think of Dinette, such as articles on the breeding of animals, or the 5 cutest ‘‘cantines’’ must goes. On top of it all, this magazine adds recipes that make us want to jump right into the kitchen, though realistically, we know that it will be hard to have a final cooking product that come anywhere close to the art-like pictures that are presented in the magazine.


4. Beside

Beside reinvents the typical outdoors magazine that we’ve seen in the past. They eliminate the element of comparing “which shoes are more adequate for your hike” and introduce you to the people behind the sports- the real adventurers. Before throwing himself in the editorial world, the founder of the magazine first co-founded Abitibi&Co, a canoe and kayak Quebec company (that is also a B-Corp). The team travels through North-America aspiring to bring together a community that share the common love for outdoor sports.


5. Bouffe

Bouffe magazine has for objective to fall in between the hidden cracks of all things related to food, in order to discover what lies in the unsaid of the subject. The editorial team uses humour and their ‘‘joie de vivre’’ to aliven the content that is found in between their pages.


6. Dress to Kill

This magazine puts forth creatives from here. Art and personal style are the heart of their inspiration for their posts. This magazine has become a reference for the fashion culture of Canadians. They are always a step ahead, guiding us to the best trends for the season.


Bringing color to a digital era

These publications pieces to be collected. In this digital age, where articles seem to be shorter and shorter, it’s essential to remember the pleasure that can be brought by content that is rich in quality and depth- on top of being visually stimulating.