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Our Team
Our currency is relationships

We still care about our former colleagues

We encourage our people to follow their dreams and these folks have done just so.

Read their stories below!

We develop our culture in 35mm.

Casque Moto

The RPK motorcycle club is now accepting new members.

Muay Thai Tyran

Thursday, 6PM. Muay Thai with coach Ty.

Bureau FO Lounge

The lounge: a coffee at 8:30AM, a kombucha at 1PM and a beer at 6PM.

Yoga Studio

Tuesday, 5:30PM. Yoga.

“The advantage of having a studio in our offices is that we get to relax while doing yoga, and let go of any frustrations with the help of weekly Muay Thai.”

- A very happy photographer.

Bieres Fenetre Bureau

On the menu this month: Beer Vox Populi Margarita / Oatbox Granola / Selection of breads from chez Guillaume.

Plantes Table

One year later, all the plants are still alive. Miracle or hard work?

Velo Midi FO

Our definition of out of office, skipping lunchtime to sweat.

Conference Dejeuner des Pros

We host conferences.

Bureau Martin Chemise

Martin: culture officer or Casanova?

Martin Biere Keg

If we can’t bring the good stuff by ourselves, it’s not local enough.

Van Toronto FO Leo

Going on a video shoot in Toronto...

Conference Infopresse

We do conferences.

We don't take ourselves too seriously... here's the best from our Slack!

Meme Arianne
Meme Katy
Meme FO
Meme Julie

Hop in, join the team!