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How to use Instagram's new CTA button to make sales

Only a few weeks after introducing the shopping tool on the platform, Instagram introduces call-to-action buttons; a brand new feature that will allow brands to move their audience from Discovery to Action. The use of these techniques will ensure a better conversion rate for brands!

“It’s all about moving Instagram from a place where business is discovered to a place where business is done,” says Vishal Shah, director of product management at Instagram.

Users will now be able to book a table, make an appointment or even buy tickets directly on the app.

Here is how to use this tool and the best practices to adopt.

How can I add a Call to Action button?

The integration of this feature into your Instagram bio is quite simple! First, be sure to add a Partner app on your Facebook page that matches the call-to-action button you want to have in your bio.

CTA button

Then, go on your Instagram page and click edit profile, communication options, add a call to action button and select your service!

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On the other hand, some features and partners are only available in certain countries. That being said, Instagram has the habit of updating frequently enough and soon everyone will be able to benefit from the call to action buttons.

What are the best practices?

The call to action button is definitely a tool that will facilitate conversions for brands. With that in mind, it will be necessary to implement different techniques to redirect your customers to this button. After all, Instagram remains a platform where users can discover you as a brand. To be a winner, you have to turn this discovery into a buying opportunity.

Whether it's for an appointment, a ticket booking or for a direct purchase, it is imperative to push your audience to click on the link provided. Here are the best practices to increase the number of clicks:

  • Adapt your captions: Encourage your users to view the link. Be creative and make catchy legends!
  • Pass the message in your Stories: More than 300 million active Instagram accounts around the world view Stories on a daily, and yours could also be on the discovery page. Be entertaining with your content and use the swipe up tool if your Instagram page has more than 10,000 subscribers.
  • Try an Instagram takeover: Collaborate with influencers who love your brand and let them take control of your Instagram Stories! It’s a good opportunity to attract new people. Be sure to ask the influencer to mention your clickable link.

Take advantage of this new feature to update your call to action button regularly so that it's up-to-date with your current promotions. In the end, you will benefit from it!


Graduating from a bachelor's degree in Management Sciences at UQAM, Arianne completes the team as a content editor and community manager.