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Chloé Crane-Leroux: from content creator to published author

Chloé Crane-Leroux is a food and lifestyle photographer, a social media consultant and the co-founder Meadow & Land, a brand combining vegan recipes and lifestyle. After working in the fashion industry in New York, she realized that lifestyle photography suited more her personality. The people, the true relationships and the food were more attractive to her. Chloé is our content creator for the month of November.

A unique style

“I think I was born for this.”

From her youngest age, Chloé knew she wanted to be a photographer. At 13, she was already dreaming of studying photography in New York’s Parsons School of Design. It’s when her mom gave her a camera that her passion for photography took another turn.

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Chloe Leroux Instagram

While scrolling through Chloé’s Instagram profile (@chloecleroux), we immediately see that her style is different from others. The photographer’s approach is easy to recognize: her rustic, bohemian and clean aesthetics are part of her signature.

“I’d say that my style is constantly evolving,” she explains. “I like chasing light and seeking simplicity and minimalism. It brings me a certain purity that I need in my daily life. I always try to perfect my aesthetic; I am very critical of myself and that is what makes me go forward and always want to learn.”

More than just pictures

“I’m really spoilt to be able to do this work every day.”

It's the human side of lifestyle photography that charmed Chloé and brought her to food photography. By incorporating lifestyle narratives to her fashion pictures, she realized that’s what she likes and what she’s passionate about.

“I do what I love every day and I’m constantly busy with a multitude of clients and projects”, she continues. If there are more difficult moments like in any job, she doesn’t have the right to complain, she confesses.

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Vegan dessert recipe
Meadow & Land - Saisons: La table végane
Vegan dish

This week, ‘Saisons: La table végane’, Chloé’s new project, is getting released. She worked with chef and food stylist Julie Zyromski (@jzyromski) and her mom, Trudy Crane, designer and ceramicist (@lookslikewhite) to combine their passions and make it a lifestyle book. ‘Saisons: La table végane’ not only talks about vegan food, but also a simple and satisfying lifestyle.

“ 'Saisons: La table végane' is much more than a cookbook. We focus on appreciating the beautiful things; the art of the table, getting together with the people we love and being in symbiosis with nature.”

In this book, vegan cooking is accessible to all and we can learn how to cook consciously, following the rhythm of the seasons, while appreciating the little things in life. The photos of the book, captured by Chloé, perfectly explain the world of her brand, Meadow & Land, and make the project even more special and unique.

A real aesthetic

In addition to being a photographer, Chloé is also a social media consultant. Over the last 4 years, she has learned how to create an online brand and has developed her social media expertise to the point where she now works with big companies such as Pottery Barn, Veuve Clicquot, Mercedes Benz and more.

We can say without hesitation that Chloé is an expert concerning branding. Her skills help companies to increase their engagement and to obtain a visual style that is specific to their brand image.

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Fall Couple Bateau Coffee
Vegan Cake

“If I have one advice to give to brands as a consultant, it's to be consistent with their visual identity and to give an experience that people have no choice but to follow. It’s really the key to a good brand image and engagement.”

But not everything is based on aesthetics. The context behind the pictures is also very important. According to Chloé, there is a deeper connection with the audience that can be made by reading the caption.

“I always try to write something more personal that links the photo to my emotions,” she explains. “The people who follow me thank me for being more real, because they can see themselves in my words.”

Finding inspiration everywhere

Chloé has no trouble finding inspiration in the little things around her.

“Everything inspires me; starting by walking the streets of New York,” she says. “I can see a super-well dressed woman drinking a cocktail in a perfectly decorated restaurant, and inspiration will come.” She admits, however, spending hours on Pinterest ... But who doesn’t?

If she was born and raised in Montreal, Chloé currently lives in New York. To her, the big apple is like a reality shot she needs to motivate herself.

“Everyone over there is fighting for the same thing. It's the city of hustle and grind, it's really chaotic.”

If Montreal gives her the chance to be a little less stressed, she still puts in place the same work ethic she has in New York. “It gives me a good balance and my clients appreciate that,” she continues.

Chloé is inspiring, by both her passion for her profession and the positive energy she gives off.

If you don’t already, follow Chloé on Instagram and get your own copy of ‘Saisons: La table végane’.