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5 trends that will shape digital marketing in 2017

According to eMarketer, 2017 is predicted to mark a major milestone for digital advertising: for the first time, digital spending will surpass that of TV. So where will those dollars go?

In this 8 minutes article, we’ll talk about how Data, Personalized Content, Influencer Marketing, Virtual Reality & Live Video will change the way we engage with brands online.

1. Data further drives decisions

Every year since 2012, this has been the main topic of conversation for online marketers. How will the massive quantity of data available from the likes of Google, Facebook and others allow us to make insight-driven decisions and make our marketing dollars go further?

« The winners and losers will be divided by their ability to get access to differentiated data, and how deeply they leverage it to make better content & creative decisions. - Allie Kline, CMO, AOL.

« Data is becoming the currency of marketing. - Steve Fund, CMO, Intel.

By gaining a deeper understanding of what content the audience reacts to, we are able to drive higher engagement rates on the content we distribute for our clients’ audiences.

Google Trends Big Data Marketing

2. Personalized content rises

Getting more data means knowing your audience better; that is, if you’re able to make sense of it all. Once you do - we can help! - you’ll be able to show your audience the content they want to engage with.

In practice, this means your customers will not read the same content or engage with the same videos and therefore should not all get the same newsletters, ads and stories.

« To capture a distracted customer’s attention, it’s all about creating marketing tactics that home in on exactly what they are looking for or thinking about. - Deep Patel, Author & Contributor,

« Our focus is on personalization of content creation, and delivering it in a meaningful way through the channels the audience prefers to be communicated in. - Andrea Riley, CMO, Ally.

We believe 2017 will be a year where digital audiences will engage more more and more with content that matters to them, whether it comes from a brand, a media or an individual.

3. Influencer Marketing becomes a centrepiece

It is projected that over 30% of Canadian internet users will use ad blocking softwares this year. Combine that with Facebook & Instagram’s algorithms and the overall skepticism on advertising and you face a situation where it is harder and harder to reach your audience in relevant ways.

If you haven’t already heard about it, 2017 is the year “influencer marketing” will buzz your ears. Emarketer projects Digital Influencers will take a significant chunk of the ad market in 2017.

« Influencer marketing will play a renewed and central role in the marketing mix for 2017.

- Kevin King, Global Chairman, Edelman Digital

« Influencer marketing is on the rise, because people tend to trust recommendations from people they see as thought leaders. - AJ Agrawal, Author & Contributor,

« We're now in the midst of an influencer-marketing gold rush.

- Deep Patel, Author & Contributor,

If you want to know how your brand can benefit from a personalized Influencer Marketing Strategy, contact us.

4. The year of live video

Another way to face the social media algorithms, is to play them in your favor. The Facebook Live & Instagram Live features have hit the market in 2016 and will play a central role in the growth of both platforms. Facebook has also announced it will soon launch a Live Audio feature, meaning you will soon be able to create your own Live podcasts directly on Facebook.

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Facebook Live Audio
Instagram Live

When going live, the quality of your content should be your first concern, but bare in mind that what drives engagement on social is very different from a 30 sec spot. Take this Buzzfeed watermelon video for example, that had over 800 000 viewers tuned in live to see when it would explode.

« Businesses should develop live video strategies and consider how it can tie into their existing marketing efforts. - Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor, Search Engine Journal.

« The continued importance and consumer appetite for video will drive further refinement. - Heidi Besik, Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

This year, don’t be surprised if you see higher engagement on Live Videos than you see on regular videos. Contact us to see how Live can be properly adapted to your existing strategies.

5. VR hits the masses

Lebron James VR

«Striving for greatness» is a must watch Lebron James featured documentary in Virtual Reality.

Have you ever tried Virtual Reality before? If you haven’t, you should definitely swing by our offices sometime soon to try it out!

VR has been a buzzword over the last couple of years and should now finally hit the masses. That is because the hardware will be available to all more easily, cheaper and better than ever.

« An area I believe will command a lot of attention, but not so much investment, is virtual reality and how it can bring life to brands via new experiences and value propositions. - Andrea Riley, CMO, Ally

« Also looking ahead, we think there will be more branded content that is VR-enabled.

- Steve Fund, CMO, Intel

This new form of storytelling opens the door to many new opportunities as VR allows you to create an emotional connection with your audience like you never before could. Our friends at Felix & Paul and Headspace Studio are some of the world’s best VR storytellers and they’re right here in Old-Montreal.


Here you go folks. Hope you had a good read. Don’t hesitate to leave us your comments on Facebook or if you haven’t done it by now, subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome content like this!


As the Head of strategy, Jean-Philippe has been interested in the systemic changes required for a transition to a more conscious capitalism system for over 10 years.