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Nature is calling for your help
Cause marketing


The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is canadia-wide program propelled by Ocean Wise and WWF-Canada whose mission is to provide Canadians the opportunity to take action in their communities wherever water meets land. Since 1994, there have been 27,800 cleanups with 937,000 volunteers who have collected more than 2 million kg of trash across 44,262 km of freshwater and marine shores in the country.


With the Covid-19 crisis, it is suddenly impossible to organize gatherings. Cleanups will look different in 2020. Because everyone was confined at home, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup had to revise its communications to adapt to this logistical hurdle.

Our manadate was to find a way to communicate the urgency of eliminating plastic pollution in the water through an awareness campaign to incite people into action. We wanted to drive Canadians to participate with concrete actions at home, while complying with sanitary measures and respecting group size restrictions.


While confined at home, every Canadian had a moment when they felt the urge of going outside. Those living in urban areas felt the need to reconnect with nature. This is a case when nature is calling. What if this call is simply a reminder of how Mother Nature needs help from the population?

It is from that starting point that we developed our campaign's big idea. Since nature doesn't really have a voice to talk to us, we helped it reach us through our words and images.


From there, we developed a comprehensive awareness campaign, through which we invited Canadians to reduce their plastic consumption at home, to reduce the amount of plastic found in nature. We invited people to make a clear commitment by signing a petition on the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup’s website.

Campaign video