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Content cocreation to enhance Vidéotron's sponsorship platform
Brand identity


For more than 50 years, Videotron has been part of Quebecers' daily lives. Thanks to its many technological innovations and enhancements to its offer, the company has succeeded in maintaining its status as a Canadian leader in telecommunications.
Videotron is the most appreciated telecommunications company in Quebec, just as it has been for the past 14 years, as revealed by Léger's annual "Reputation" study. The company is also considered the coolest telecommunications company in 2019 by the millennia and Generation Z.


Although Videotron's diversified product and services offering is one of the factors explaining its success, it represents a considerable challenge when it comes to communications. Multiple products mean multiple target audiences, all with different needs and interests.
To get closer to them, the company sponsors various events related to the diverse interests of its consumers: sports events, cultural shows of all kinds, and even events where video games are in the spotlight. The brand therefore had to rethink each of its communication channels, to present the different stories in a coherent way.


By reviewing the role of each of Videotron's digital platforms, we succeeded in positioning Instagram as an extension of the Videotron customer experience, a platform ideal for sharing the present moment and exclusive experiences.

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Tony Hawk signing a skateboard
Alexandre Champagne conference

Content irl and on-screen

Through content created during events, we wanted to allow Videotron subscribers to live and pursue their passions on their screens before, during and after the event, no matter whether they attended or not.
Media thus became a creative vehicle that allowed Videotron to deliver on its brand promise to offer even more to its consumers.

Le Collectif Videotron: Ghetto X

Telling real stories

To ensure that we tell these stories in the right way, at each of the events, we invited personalities representing each community of interest — people like Phil Roy, Kevin Raphaël, Gaël Comtois, and many others. We asked them to document what they were experiencing through exclusive content, including takeovers and interactive content. Mostly, we wanted the brand's subscribers to view the events through the eyes of the chosen personalities, like if the Videotron VIP zone was extended to social media.

Through the content created by our influencers and content creators, Videotron's audience had an inside view of the field and players' room at an Impact soccer game. They also had a unique view of the city from the top of the Olympic Stadium. When the Videotron community became interested in the experiences through social networks, we invited them to enjoy the experience in person, offering them passes to various events.


The new way of communicating through the brand's social universe enabled it to achieve results that exceed the set objectives. Videotron's community grew by 323% over 18 months. During the same period, the content published on the platform generated 217,000 organic impressions with an average engagement rate of 4.70%, which is twice as high as the average engagement rate on Instagram for all industries combined.

Beyond the numbers, the new proposed way of using Instagram will have enabled many account subscribers to enjoy unprecedented experiences in the world of Videotron sponsorships.


The team behind the project