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TST Energy
E3: Creating a membership program to promote energy efficiency

Energy efficiency at the heart of TST’s offer

While their energy efficiency consulting services are normally provided to a multitude of players in the real estate and industrial sectors, this time, it was Quebec’s grocers and refrigeration specialists who were the target audience for TST Energy’s expertise. The company gave us the mandate to develop and execute a lead generation campaign for their recommissioning service, i.e., to enable a building’s systems to operate to their maximum efficiency, and for the new tool developed with this niche group in mind.

Recommissioning: an unknown necessity

TST Energy has always believed in the importance of green buildings that have the well-being of their users at heart. It is with this same conviction that the team wanted to promote their expertise in recommissioning food refrigeration systems, a service that is largely unknown to its main targets: Quebec grocers and refrigeration specialists. But before promoting the benefits of this service, the company had to educate them on the importance of reviewing their refrigeration systems’ energy efficiency; these infrastructures are responsible for an average of 50% of grocery stores’ overall energy balance.

Tapping Into FOMO through the creation of a program

How do you get grocers, an incredibly narrow target audience for whom the term “recommissioning” doesn’t ring a bell, to opt for TST Energy’s new energy efficiency tool for food refrigeration? By acquiring an ally with whom business is already established: refrigeration specialists. More than simple players in the food industry, they are also true purchasing advisors. Consequently, they are the ideal ambassadors to increase awareness of TST’s service and to influence grocers’ decisions.

Adding a little warmth to the food industry’s content

By using refrigeration specialists as purchase influencers, our team wished to generate FOMO (or fear of missing out) about energy efficiency within Quebec’s grocery stores. Because even among grocers, it is never fun to be left out in the cold! Our team thus developed Programme3, the ideal medium to raise the target’s collective awareness about energy efficiency in buildings by facilitating the understanding of its benefits. Benefits that grocers will now be afraid to do without! This pre-certification could now be proudly displayed by participating grocery stores. Combining ecological, economic, and experiential benefits with an evocative visual narrative, Programme3 circulated on platforms just as niche as its target: magazines and newsletters dedicated to the Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec. With visuals that stood out from the content usually offered in the food industry, it’s no wonder that TST Energy’s recommissioning program was so well received.