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Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts
Bal video content initiative
Brand identity

The honorary copresidents act as influencers in this content initiative

As part of the 2016 edition of the Montreal of Contemporary Arts' annual bal, we've collaborated with its foundation to create & produce a content strategy that placed the arts at the core of the message.

We started from the creative concept imagined by the event production agency 45 degrees: This is not - from the french Ceci n'est pas, to develop a storytelling concept where the Honorary Presidents' passion for the Contemporary Arts would be the main angle to our story. The video series features Manon Brouillette from Videotron, Éric Bujold from National Bank and Alexandre L'Heureux from WSP.

This creative approach has allowed the foundation to tie what is usually perceived as a highly socialite event to the cause it raises funds for: Contemporary Arts.

The engagement demonstrated by our audience proves unequivocally the success of the initiative.

Watch the 5 videos below, who feature in the following order:
▸ Manon Brouillette, Vidéotron
▸ Alexandre L'Heureux, WSP Global
▸ Éric Bujold, Banque Nationale 1859
▸ John Zeppetelli & Debbie Zakaib, MAC
▸ The official recap video of the Bal


Growth of organic views

4 x Growth of engagement rat

Growth of engagement rate


Growth of the social community

150 000

Total organic reach

Manon Brouillette, Vidéotron

Alexandre L'Heureux, WSP

Éric Bujold, National Bank 1859

Debbie Zakaib & John Zeppetelli, MAC

Recap video

The team behind the project