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Mode & Design Festival
Video content initiative

This video heavy content strategy gave the Fashion & Design Festival digital life before, during & after the event.

So much goes into organizing an event of the stature of the Fashion & Design Festival, which has been running in Montreal for over 15 years.

Groupe Sensation Mode, the producer of the event, approached us to support their event by creating video content to promote its programmation, engage with its audience & extend the life of their festival. *Note: we were not mandated to take care of the distribution strategy.

Festival mode design

Before the event even started, we teamed up with host PO Beaudoin to develop short video skits designed to tease our audience on the upcoming event.

Once the event started, we kept on going with our crowd favorite host, creating & distributing daily skits throughout the event. The videos were edited overnight & distributed the next day.

The second series were videos produced around each day’s main shows, focusing on the scenography, the choreography and mostly, the fashion elements.

We also created & curated a 40 foot wide social wall that would shine light on User Generated Content. Our team also used the wall to showcase exclusive backstage access during a live performance.

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Festival mode design
Festival mode design

Once the event was over, we produced 2 recap videos for our client’s key audiences.

The first one was developed for B2B usage, to help the FMD’s sales team showcase the visibility given to this year’s sponsors for the next year’s edition.

Finally, we wrapped up production with an industry acclaimed full length official recap video that brought the entire 7 days of the event back to life.

The team behind the project

  • Content Strategy

    JP Shoiry

  • Content Creation & Production

    Vincent Fortin

  • Video director

    Lukas Drouin, ABCDF

  • Video Crew Manager

    Olivier Fortier, ABCDF

  • Technology partner


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