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A new brand identity with unlimited potential
Brand identity


Techo-Bloc is a leading paver manufacturing company, with a fully integrated B2B2C model.

For over 30 years, they'be been setting the standard in their industry through innovative product development and creative storytelling.

Their clients are distributors, contractors and architects across North-America.


Innovation is at the center of Techo-Bloc's culture, product development and mechandising strategy, but is nowhere to be seen in their brand identity.

Our mandate was to revisit Techo-Bloc's brand identity, imagine its execution across all the brand's touchpoint and create an employer-brand extension employees can be proud of.


With Techo-Bloc, there are endless possibilities; your creativity is your only limitations.

By focusing on this key brand anchor, we've unlocked a creative concept Techo-Bloc can own and exploit, for years to come, no matter what new products they develop.


We've developed a new logo for Techo-Bloc that leverages its previously weakest point: the hyphen.

By over emphasizing the hyphen, we not only evidence it for people to know how to properly spell the brand name, but we most importantly, we developed a creative concept that can truly show the unlimited creative potential the brand unlocks.

What happens between Techo and Bloc is yours to create.

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The team behind the project