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Swab The World Foundation
Brand video to raise awareness


"Fair fight for all"

Swab The World tackles the severe lack of non-White donors within the worldwide stem cell registries. They believe how every single patient should find their match.

The foundation aims to boost ethnic diversity in the stem cell donor base across the world. They are empowering patients with the right tools and the right words to effectively launch their recruitment campaign. Their platform leverages technology and media to amplify the messages on a local and global scales.


The mission of Swab The World is noble but lacks awareness due to the majority of people who will never have to experience firsthand this injustice. It is a constant battle for the foundation to reach the masses in order to diversify the stem cell registries.

The mandate of Republik: make a brand video to communicate Swab The World's mission which will be the launching pad for their first ever crowdfunding campaign.


How would Swab The World manage to cut through the noise in the middle of a pandemic? The answer lies in bringing closer that rejection feeling which patients experience when they're told there is no match.

By adopting a shocking tone, striking images, real people, facts to create a video that cries foul at injustice.

The solution

Without straying too far from Swab The World's branding, our team leveraged a darker color pallet while adopting a frankness speech. We collaborated with Cult Nation for original composition and narration. Reaching out to local talent simply made sense.

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Project description

It is through this fierce brand video that Republik helped Swab The World cut through the noise and launch its first ever crowdfunding campaign.

The team behind the project