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Vegetarian menu launch campaign
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For nearly 70 years, St-Hubert has gathered Quebecois residents around the same table. Over time, the brand has made a name for itself and evolved its offer following Quebecois traditions. St-Hubert was able to achieve this level of progression while still listening to its consumers and their needs.


Being one of Quebecois families' most loved restaurants comes with loads of challenges, like trying to please everyone. On one hand, St-Hubert wants to qualify as a brand that every Quebecois loves and cherishes for its authenticity. On the other hand, it wishes to innovate and adapt to the challenges of the new market. Finally, it has to do both... at the same time. Even when it is time to launch a new vegetarian menu.


It was clear to us that we needed to find a way to talk about the new vegetarian menu with a language and code that were already a part of the brand's DNA.

With time, St-Hubert developed his own brand language: one that implies two simple answers. Creamy or traditional? Chicken leg or breast? The evolution of the food market pushes people to ask themselves more questions, especially on their meat consumption.

The goal of this campaign: make "chicken breast filet or vegetarian filets?" the next big St-Hubert question.

Influencers presentation

The solution

To solidify our big project, we highlighted the development with three great moments. We first worked with influencers to create the anticipation and introduce the new question, while presenting the vegetarian filets to the general public.

We then asked the question to consumers by allowing them to react to an interactive video that was redirecting people that were voting for the new filets to a dedicated website.

We then retargeted people that watched the interactive video by inviting them to try the new vegetarian menu through delivery or in a restaurant close to them.

Dynamic digital creatives to poll our fans

programatic banners veggie meals st-hubert


61 % of the target
With extremely precise target parameters, our campaign reached 306 112 people on a potential of 500 000 reachable people.

12 000 votes All in all, 12 000 people responded to the next big question.

Beyond the vote
Organic and sponsored posts generated more than 3000 reactions and 1300 comments. Facebook reveals it is above the average, usually targeting a similar audience.

And the big question?
25% of consumers that responded to the big question opted for vegetarian fillets instead of chicken fillets. Conclusion: consumers were ready to welcome the new vegetarian menu!

Overview video

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The team behind the project