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Montreal Contemporary Art Museum
Short film — Blanc de NOIR

Blanc de NOIR.

Blanc de NOIR is a short film produced for the Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Arts Foundation, as part of the 2017 edition of its annual Bal du MAC.

The 2017 MAC Ball raised over 510 000$ of net profits were raised for the MAC Foundation.

Entitled Blanc de NOIR, the short film is a tribute to the Human Rights and features the co-presidents from the evening, as listed in the credits below. The short film has been shot in its entierty at the MAC.

We also had a team on the ground during the evening to create the recap video of the evening.


Blanc de NOIR.

Recap video

The team behind the project

  • Video direction & editing - Thomas Szacka Marier

  • Original music - Simon P. Castonguay

  • With the participation of - France Margaret Belanger, Yanick Blanchard, Mitch Garber, John Zeppetelli, Alexandre Taillefer, Josée Noiseux et François Dufresne