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Real life moments with Oasis Content Creators

Creating authentic content for Oasis Canada

As part of Oasis Canada’s annual campaign, we were mandated to reach diverse target audiences for each product, while having a clean and consistent message. To achieve this, it was necessary to put into place two separate strategies. On one hand, the marathon campaigns to target runners and on the other, the acquisition of more women followers aged between 25 and 55 with the “Taste of Real Life” campaign on their social media platforms.

In order to achieve these distinct goals, we decided to collaborate with content creators and influencers who not only live the true daily life of the target audiences but also whose profiles strongly matched the DNA of the brand. Our primary goal: to create authentic content.

18 runners hosting Instagram takeovers
288 photos provided by our creators
+ 260% increase in content engagement rate
4 times more views of Stories

A sip of real life

This initiated the launch of "The Taste of Real Life," a content creators program that showcased 9 inspiring women of all ages from across Canada who share real moments of their lives with the Oasis community on Instagram and Facebook platforms.

By carefully selecting content creators with distinct lifestyles, we were able to meet one of our goals: create relatable content. Considering that we cannot reproduce moments of real life in a studio, finding moms and millennials ready to share moments like these highlight the authenticity of the brand and the enjoyment of products.

Voici les 9 femmes inspirantes qui partageront leur quotidien avec vous. #SavourerLaVie ____________ Here are the 9 inspiring women who will share their daily life with you. #RealLifeSip

Posted by Oasis on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Oasis marathons

With the brand having a desire to highlight on socials the fact that Oasis covers about twenty running races across Canada, we found it relevant to add an influencer component to the online strategy. In addition to publishing more content related to running, we contacted runners for the majority of events, for them to take control of the Oasis Instagram account showcasing real moments of their races.

Runners were given the mandate to take photos and videos before, during and after their race so that the audience could have a behind the scenes look. Stories were then placed in the Highlights section for followers to watch at any time.

The results

In addition to joining the various audiences, there has been a significant increase in the number of runners and moms on Facebook and Instagram. As well, the ambassadors have an attachment to the brand and proud to represent it.

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The team behind the project

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