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Oasis Infusion
An integrated campaign to infuse wellness in your daily life


For almost 40 years, Oasis fruit juices have delighted Canadian families. In addition to being Lassonde’s main brand, Oasis is consumers’ # 1 juice brand in Canada.

Oasis Infusion are some of the newest products among the wide range of juices and smoothies offered by the brand. They are composed of a rich blend of cold-infused herbs, fruits, and flowers, added to real fruit juice.


Despite the quality of the product, Oasis Infusion had to find ways of standing out in the highly competitive flavoured water market.

The challenge was to increase product awareness, in order to increase distribution, and thus the discovery of the products.


We spoke directly to the brand's target consumers, by focusing the content health and wellness, and connecting those values to the Oasis Infusion products.

The key was associating everyday wellness to Oasis Infusion products by focusing on five pillars: the home, nutrition, beauty, the spirit, and movement.

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Annie-Soleil Proteau, Oasis Infusion in hand
Kimberly Denis in her living room
Eve Guilbert doing yoga
Make-up artist Léa Bégin
Stéphanie Derome smiling
Virginie Goudreault in her living room
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Infusion challenges ambassadors

The solution

To do so, we launched the “Infusion Challenges”, by collaborating with five influencers and a campaign ambassador, Anne-Soleil Proteau, whose role it was to bring the challenges to a wider audience through traditional platforms.

At the heart of this campaign were five challenges, like taking time to exercise daily, eating local food, and creating a space for reflection at home.

Several creatives including inspirational videos and photos were created for Oasis’s website and social media, as well as for the platforms of our collaborators.

By signing up on the Oasis Infusion website, participants had access to detailed descriptions of the challenges and tips from our collaborators.

The most notable content pieces of the campaign were the inspirational hero videos created for the challenges. These videos then redirected users to useful content on how to adopt and implement healthy habits associated with the products.

Infusion videos

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Infusion challenges branded tote bag
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Virginie Goudreault Instagram post

The team behind the project