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Cause marketing
1.2M organic reach on social media
10 K pledges not to wear fur again
4 awards

Changing behaviours

With this anti-fur campaign, the SPCA wanted to make an impact to its targeted "fur savvy" consumers. With a total social reach of over 1.2M across 16 countries, this mutli award-winning campaign hit the mark.

Here’s how we turned an anti-fur campaign into a global movement.

In running an anti-fur campaign, the SPCA’s goal was to generate a real change in consumer behaviour. With their partners LUSH Cosmetics and the Fur Bearer Defenders of Canada, they provided a platform through which we could really touch & influence people.

As it is the case in many cause-driven initiatives, it’s easy to reach people who are already on board and supportive of the cause. The real challenge lies in reaching people that are insensitive to the message we’re trying to convey.

To achieve this challenging goal, we came up with a bait & switch strategy where we could reach the right people even though they were not initially receptive to it.

In phase 1 of the campaign, we launched a fake e-commerce brand & website called Your online destination for great deals on fur coats & accessories.
Propelled by a full fledged advertising campaign, Furdiscounts brought in tens of thousands of targeted potential customers looking for a deal on their next trendy fur accessory, right in time for winter, as the campaign was strategically launched in late October.

45 K unique targeted visitors on
59% conversion rate
70 articles relayed the news in 16 countries

«Bait & Switch»

As soon as potential customers clicked on an item with an intention to buy, they were showed a key statistic and forwarded to the official campaign website.

On this official website, they would learn about the cruel reality of the fur industry as key messages were displayed to take action on the cause.

A partnership with Lush

To support the #Makefurhistory platform, we created a brand that could become a movement. Speaking mostly to a young millennial demographic, we designed the brand to be social friendly and easy to use in a digital world.
To leverage the #Makefurhistory awareness campaign in their stores, LUSH displayed a North-American wide in-store activation, for which we had created shareables to generate social engagement.

Make Fur History
Make Fur History
Make Fur History
Republik Makefurhistory Lush

A global impact

We launched the reveal video through a branded content partnership with Mashable, a global leader in the digital media landscape.
The campaign was quickly picked up by over 70 media, blogs & influencers around the globe, giving us a global platform for change.
The online community quickly grew to thousands as people shared their support of the cause, pledged to never buy nor wear fur again and lended their fur coats & accessories in one of our many drop off locations.
An initiative that won us many awards but mostly, one that generated results towards the cause.