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A national influencer campaign that focuses on FUN
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Cut the hunger, not the fun!

As part of the last campaign of iögo PROTEINEe, the brand mandated us to follow their campaign articulated around the idea of pleasure to help launch its new flavours of yogurt while positioning itself around the fun.

We developed an influencer marketing strategy oriented on the concept of "Cut the hunger, not the fun!" The concept was to follow three famous Canadian personalities through their fun day and then provide them the energy to keep the fun going. To do this, we approached the YouTubers Harley Morenstein and Rachel David, as well as humourist Jay du Temple.

For this production, our team followed Harley Morenstein during a day full of fun in Toronto. Harley shared everything about his daily routine with us, from his morning workout session to working on his podcast. Since he knows better than anyone else what’s an Epic Meal Time, he showed us his bacon freezer and took us to the butcher. But behind his love of food, hides a passion for collectible Star Wars objects and unconditional love for his tiny Chihuahua. Finally, we left him at Rachel David’s where they talked projects.

To complement our influencer marketing strategy, the team developed alternative content for various platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

By collaborating with Harley, Rachel and Jay, we found a way to tell real stories, both pertinent for their audience and coherent with the campaign’s message, thanks to their natural fit with the brand’s DNA.

Jay du Temple

Harley Morenstein

Rachel David

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The team behind the project

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