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#ArtoftheChase: A multiplatform content strategy
Brand identity

Canadian stories to launch the limited edition bottle

Every year, Hennessy develops a Limited Edition bottle in partnership with a world renowned artist. As Hennessy’s Canadian digital agency, our objective was to adapt this global #Artofthechase platform to our canadian context while developing relationships with local influencers and driving potential customers to store.

Before we even got started with this initiative, we had to better understand the creative process behind Ryan McGiness’s Limited Edition bottle.

x 2 Instagram community
280 000 Total organic reach
50% Global Hashtag Use

of #Artofthechase cam from Canada

+ 3 000 Web visits in 10 days

Involving local creators in the conception

We then came up with the idea to team up with local creators to demonstrate Hennessy’s art of blending & creativity brand pillars, while giving this product a canadian flavor of our own.

We identified Canadian creators that embodied the conquerous spirit & hustle on which the brand was built on, to develop content features that would strengthen our brand positioning by telling the stories of these tastemakers.

Running interviews with all 6 creators, we developed a series a photos which were leveraged on Hennessy Canada’s Instagram platform.


Multiplatform contents

We then packaged the interviews in short videos which were distributed organically through our owned Instagram & Facebook platforms as well as through each creator’s own networks, generating earned media for our brand.

To support the storytelling, a campaign microsite was created to feature in depth interviews with each of the creators.

The initiative culminated in a launch event in Toronto’s Only One gallery, where official photographs of each creator were exposed, giving an Art Gallery feel to the evening.

The official video of the initiative was also shown during the evening before being promoted & shared on our social platforms.

The team behind the project

  • Photography - Don Charleone, Scott Pilgrim, Richard Roth

  • Video Direction - Max Charron

  • Original Music Production - Didier Tovel, SNDWRX