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A summer video production

More than a headband

Last spring, Republik was mandated to position Gibou’s very first summer collection as a summer brand.

With the launch of this collection along with their new products such as hair bands and beach towels, it was essential for Gibou to showcase their ecological aspect while offering trendy products to their customers. Since 2004, the company has been promoting their core values, such as local clothing, the strict use of recycled furs and the valorization of noble materials. With Republik having a B Corp certification, there is no need to explain to you why we felt compelled by this mandate! Gibou made their debut in 2004 with their hand-knitted winter accessories. Through hats, mittens and scarves, the company offered the essentials for a Canadian winter. With a new collection targeting a different season, it was even more important to showcase their new collection in the summer production.

In order to meet the needs of the client, the team embarked on the production of a branded video as well as a distribution strategy for Gibou’s summer 2018 collection. In a 30 second video, we have illustrated a typical Gibou summer where the headband, the main piece of the collection, was captured in multiple moments of the season.

50 K views
15 K clicks on video
$4.50 for $1 invested
Gibou - En mode été | Summer Mode Activated

Les bandeaux quand il fait chaud, quand tu es pressée, quand tu veux ajouter une cerise sur le sundae ! Un gros merci à l'équipe de republik​ pour la réalisation ! La collection est offerte ici: :) ___________ Headbands keep you cool, solve a bad hair day and take you anywhere you want to stay! A huge thank you to the republik team for the production ! The collection is available right here: #Gibou #EnModeÉté #SummerMode

Posted by on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Alternative content for social media

In order to complete our content strategy, the team adapted the captured content for multiple social platforms.

In collaboration with Gibou, we were able to contextualize real summer moments that are also coherent with the message of the campaign and within the target market of the Montreal brand.


The team behind the project

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