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Gallagher GPL
Mottos shaped by pride to unify a diverse team
Employer brand

Helping established corporate values evolve

Gallagher GPL, formerly GPL Insurance, is a Quebec-based damage insurance and financial services firm. After over 45 years in business, the company was at a turning point in its history and wished to redefine its corporate mottos so that they could better resonate with its growing team.

From Quebec to Canada to the United States

Acquired by the Arthur J. Gallagher family in 2017, Gallagher GPL faced three major challenges: uniting a diverse team, creating a match between its employer brand and that of Arthur J. Gallagher's, and attracting new talent. All at once.

You don’t create corporate mottos. You find the best way to tell their story.

Our team conducted three immersive workshops with GPL's team in order to permeate themselves with their vocabulary and integrate their vision into the renewed corporate mottos. While trying to unify the brokers’ lexicon, our team put their finger on a shared reality that would later guide the creative concept: the notion of pride.

Pride at the heart of GPL’s team

"Writing corporate mottos for several generations from 29 different nationalities was quite a challenge. The idea was to find a unifying concept that would allow us to resonate with all of these people at once."

  • Manny Fortin, Copywriter

Gallagher GPL's new corporate mottos focus on an element that easily translates into all languages: pride. By playing with the social and graphic elements of sports, we developed a complete universe around their new corporate mottos that could be used in different contexts. And because all employer brands must stand proudly on the mottos that guide their very essence, we developed an art direction that could be later used for various internal and external cultural events.

Team Working

At Gallagher GPL, teamwork is the only way to go. It is through the combination of knowledge and expertise from all members of the team that we are able to better serve our clients and to rise above the competition.

Hand in hand with our employees

At Gallagher GPL, our growth matches that of our employees. We are all responsible for our growth. As such, intrapreneurship is encouraged; it allows for individual development of our employees as well as the sustainability of our firm.

Family business heritage

At Gallagher GPL, our company legacy is family oriented. We adopt a human approach and favour listening to speaking. This allows us to better adapt to and adequately support our people.

Adapted to the needs of our customers

At Gallagher GPL, our goal is to offer the most suitable solutions for our clients’ needs. To achieve this, we become experts in their field by immersing ourselves in learning about their challenges and market trends.

Peace of mind

At Gallagher GPL, when all is good, all is great, and when things go sour… it is only temporary. We offer our clients peace of mind and the assurance of our involvement with the insurers, because our clients’ best interests are our primary focus.

Primordial trust

At Gallagher GPL, our clients’ trust is of primary importance to us. This is why we strive for transparency and good ethics in our work. Our advice and solutions are designed to meet the reality of our individual clients, without false promises and with transparent compensation.

"We have noticed that our corporate culture has been strengthened ever since we introduced our new mottos to our teams. On the one hand, the mottos have renewed our current team’s sense of belonging to GPL Gallagher, but even in recruiting, our mottos are often cited by candidates during their interview!"

  • David Chartrand, Vice-president, Strategic growth