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The #FruitéGang
A community that drinks Fruité and speaks Fruité
Social Media


With its 11 fruit flavours and bright colours, Fruité is by far the most successful Lassonde product with young people in Canada. In 1990, Fruité became the first Lassonde product sold all over the American continent.

Business Challenge

In the early 2000s, Fruité was a fruit drink destined for school-aged children. The brand, however, didn’t evolve with its audience. We had to find a way to make it relevant and “cool again” with teens aged 13 to 17.


Reaching a teen audience is about knowing how to adopt their language and join their conversations where they’re happening: online. Drawing from their daily realities (including school) and their parent-child relationship, we developed a tone corresponding with the meme culture, and seamlessly integrated the product into this trend.

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The solution

When we started posting meme content mixing in current trends, web culture, and Fruité juice, the enthusiasm was immediate: teens joined into the conversations we were creating.

Once the community started engaging with our content, we invited them to create with us. The goal was to turn a platform mostly used to distribute content, into a platform used to communicate and co-create with the community. We organized the Meme Master Games, a competition between some of the best creators. We also held a “meme gathering” with a Fruité for Christmas theme.

This commitment to the product and to the brand universe created around Fruité allowed us to identify top fans and co-creators. These engaged users would become the #FruitéGang, an ironic collective of influencers gathered and animated in a private and exclusive Facebook group. The enthusiasm around the group mobilized the community, and in turn helped us create humorous and authentic content around the product. The result was a truly collaborative and inclusive community management.

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The team behind the project

Do you believe your brand can change the world? We do.