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Fonds de solidarité FTQ
Savings Savvy: Making savings accessible and celebrating workers

Expertise to share

Although there is no shortage of content regarding personal finances and savings, let's be honest: it's not everyone's cup of tea. But it’s definitely the Fonds de solidarité FTQ’s specialty. The development capital fund entrusted us with the creation of educational content about savings in order to position it as an expert in the field.

Making savings compelling

Everyone knows that understanding finances can pay off. Yet, few people sink their teeth into the topic because it can be quite intimidating. While competitors strive to make savings exciting and flashy with an exuberant tone and colourful look, the Fonds had an opportunity to stand out with a more sober, calming tone.

The workplace in the spotlight

When thinking of professional training in the workplace, the colour beige instinctively comes to mind. To us, beige is synonymous with simplicity, and that's precisely what we wanted to do with savings: make them simple. In order to differentiate the Fonds from financial institutions, the spotlight was given to workers and their reality – which were at the heart of our creative product – to connect authentically with our main audience.

Learning to love savings

That is what prompted the creation of Savings Savvy): a series of short videos showcasing Susan, a savings enthusiast and expert who teaches the basics of personal finance in an accessible and fun way. Inspired by the features of typical workplaces – namely, the infamous beige of office cubicles – this big idea was brought to life through 5 crash courses on savings, complementary quizzes hosted on the Fonds’ website, as well as a complete ecosystem of digital media content.

“With Savings Savvy, we wanted to launch a different project to teach Quebecers about personal finance. We believe that education is the key to help people increase their influence on the socio-economic development of Quebec.”

― Ann-Sophie Latour, Conseillère marketing, contenu numérique et relationnel

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Collaborators on the project

― Réalisation : Philippe Lupien
― Monteur offline et online : Mario Daoust
― Mix sonore : James Duhamel
― Directeur de la photographie et coloriste : Guillaume Shea-Blais
― Assistant caméra : Harold Cassière
― Éclairagiste : Daniel Ho-Tieng
― Preneuse de son : Marie-Pier Sévigny
― Machiniste de plateau : William Clément
― Assistant machiniste : Vincent Macdonald
― Télésouffleur : Alain Bourassa
― Maquilleuse et coiffeuse : Tania Guarnaccia
― Set designer : Evelyne Morin
― Assistant set designer: Charles-Antoine Beaulieu
― Responsable COVID : Vanessa Boivin
― Comédienne : Mélanie Langlais
― Partenaire de diffusion : Agence CARTIER
― Partenaire web : Agence Tink