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Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal
Celebrating a greener and more inclusive next generation of businesspeople thanks to Arista

Greener and fairer

Every year, powered by the Junior Chambre of Commerce of Montreal (JCCM), ARISTA rewards the next generation of Quebec businesspeople, aged 18 to 40, who distinguish themselves through their sense of innovation, commitment, and creativity in our society. For its 44th edition, the competition added new evaluation criteria in line with JCCM's social and environmental values.

A competition that speaks to everyone

We needed to draw the attention of a plurality of people from a variety of fields while avoiding the trappings of an overly generic message. We also needed an authentic and inspiring way for ARISTA to integrate its new values at the heart of its brand narrative and identity, while keeping in mind that Quebec's business world was being accused of a lack of diversity within local companies.

From sectarian to inclusive

The business world has long been the domain of people almost exclusively educated, male, and Caucasian. How could we step away from these norms to give more people an opportunity to see themselves in ARISTA? That's the question that guided our work. "With an inclusive campaign slogan focused on the notion of change, and imagery that could resonate with anyone, we hoped more people would see themselves in ARISTA." - Catherine Foisy, editor-in-chief, brand content.

"En tête du changement", the campaign slogan, on a green background

A societal change that starts with ARISTA

"En tête du changement" became the campaign slogan for the 44th edition of the competition, paired with a matching visual identity. Aiming for total inclusivity, our creative team opted for an illustration style that connotes no gender, nationality, or age; three discrimination factors that remain present in the business world. We developed a distinctive color palette that echos the notions of change, innovation, and collectivity. As a result, we built an impactful identity that was adapted to a variety of executions, each with the goal of opening up the conversation on change and integrating sponsors to the content organically while reaffirming the competition's positioning.


Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, the competition received just as many applications as usual, and great participation at its gala. The theme of change allowed everyone who contributed to the project, from near or far, to unite around a shared vision to create a more equal and greener society. This 44th edition of ARISTA became a great opportunity to continue an important conversation during a crucial period for the next generation of business leaders.

What gives me the most pride is that we illustrated our progressive values and made our competition more inclusive by showcasing the next generation's priorities in terms of social responsibility, while respecting ARISTA's 44-year heritage. We did it with colours we don't often see, and that helped our campaign be more impactful, even in the complicated context of the pandemic.

― Nathan Treton, Web marketing manager

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Collaborators on the project

― Comme des filles productions ― Frédéric Dupuis