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A salute to innovation

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If you love looking out the window during takeoff, you've probably noticed de-icing trucks. You may even be familiar with Aéro Mag without knowing it. It's a company that specializes in de-icing operations for aircrafts, with which we collaborated to launch the world's first electric de-icing truck. Republik's task was to develop a B2B awareness campaign for this news; one that would bring Aéro Mag closer to its strategic vision of becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2035.

Taking off during a standstill

We needed to mark an innovation of this scale with a campaign of the same magnitude to help a true jewel of Quebec industry position itself as an environmental pioneer in the international aeronautics world - which was itself hitting the brakes during the pandemic. All this, while generating interest and a conversation around de-icing trucks among Aéro Mag's clients, business partners, and political stakeholders.

A code that unites

To draw the attention of an entire industry, we looked for a uniting code that would have the potential to spark the collective imagination despite the spoken languages or geographic location of our audiences. And we found it. In the aviation world, there's a ceremony that occurs when an aircraft completes its first or last flight. This ritual, better known as a "water salute", comes to life when trucks on either side of an aircraft on the tarmac use their water canons to form an honorary arch.

White and blue animated lines and numbers representing the design on the truck

A salute to innovation

The world's first electric defrosting truck was thus inaugurated under the water plumes of Aéro Mag's fleet. By reproducing a water salute, we created an opportunity for the image to communicate an important message that was then conveyed at the heart of the campaign's key execution, a one-minute video. It also inspired a variety of digital executions, including a landing page, social content, and web banners, as well as sponsored content in specialized publications.


This campaign, whose objective was to get the aviation industry talking, and to which were added numerous public relations efforts, has traveled the world and reached highly qualified targets. More than 27,000 people from the aviation industry viewed the video; 3,400 visited the landing page; and 300 interacted with the campaign's key execution on LinkedIn. Big numbers for a B2B campaign that targeted an audience as specific as this one.

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Aéro Mag's team in front of the new de-icing truck
De-icing truck in action
Zoom in on Aéro Mag's logo on the de-icing truck
New blue de-icing truck, between two old yellow de-icing trucks
New de-icing truck magazine ad, and photo of a proud Aéro Mag's employee

"After months of a pandemic that greatly affected the aviation industry, the launch campaign of the world's first electric de-icing truck helped shine a light on an innovation that will mark the years to come. Republik understood and embraced our business values and vision to plan an exceptional launch for this world first. From impressive photographs of the truck in action to a socially distanced press conference and a communications strategy, Republik was closely involved in the success of this premiere."

― Marie-Élaine Lépine, Director of Administration and Corporate Affairs

Mosaic of 9 photos of the de-icing truck and Aéro Mag's operations and installations
Graphic design of the media coverage about the new electric de-icing truck

Collaborators on the project

― Ryan Affaires publiques ― Jules Communications ― Stefan Szary
― Jonathan Brisebois ― Jonathan Bonenfant ― Leo Films ― Martin Rivard ― Cynthia Lavergne-Chartrand ― Vestergaard