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Aero Mag: Reaching New Heights

Flying off the success of a first campaign

Aero Mag first mandated Republik to develop a B2B awareness campaign to reveal the world’s first electric de-icing truck. In the wake of the launch’s success, the family-owned company based near Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport entrusted the agency with the development and execution of a multiplatform content strategy.

Piloting a company that innovates at all levels

Innovation is the driving force behind the Aéro Mag family. Since 1994, the Quebec-based company has developed cutting-edge technologies in aircraft de-icing and glycol recycling. Our main challenge was to position the company as a credible and experienced player in its industry. The desire to effect positive change, especially when it comes to the environment, is shared by both de-icing technicians and members of the management team.

Reaching new heights

The content strategy was built around a unifying idea: reaching new heights. This editorial line positions Aero Mag as a trailblazer and allows it to establish thought leadership in its industry, while its 17 stations throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States push the boundaries of aviation innovation every day. Moreover, this element becomes a unique selling point when it comes to recruiting for seasonal jobs, which are essential to the company’s operations.

Elevating a landing page with inspirational content

Reaching New Heights has become the title of a monthly newsletter that focuses on a series of themes, such as women’s place in aviation. Each month, a manager will write an open letter regarding said theme, addressing the industry’s players. To highlight the different positions that make up a de-icing station, portraits of visionaries are produced thanks to interviews conducted with staff members around the world. In addition to being shared in the newsletter, both forms of content are published on a landing page, bringing all of Aero Mag’s visionaries together. The project’s visual identity was built from scratch and was inspired by Aero Mag’s colours and aviation iconography, such as graphic accents that adorn old airline tickets.

Propelling the employer brand

The content produced for Aero Mag’s platforms and its newsletter had a significant impact—both quantitative and qualitative. The employee portraits have generated positive feedback from co-workers and have shone a light on the company’s employer brand.