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#Smileup content campaign

The #SmileUp campaign

Custom menswear company Surmesur wanted to reach their young male millennial audience on social media while communicating their 2 main messages: Surmesur is the best destination to dress well and Surmesur is a brand you can have fun with.

We co-developed the #SmileUp campaign with Surmesur’s in house marketing team. The idea revolved around a main brand video enhanced by a social riddle that would generate organic shares.

The name of the initiative was both distinctive and exactly in line with the brand's “fun” key message, while giving a nod to the often used fashion line “dress up”.

The retro look & feel of the video mixed with the extravagant and overly exaggerated laughters throughout the video brought an instant smile to everyone’s face. The fact that it is a speechless video allowed us to play within a very limited production budget while over-accentuating the retro feel we wanted to give it.

The video was launched on Social Media with limited-to-no promotional budget and was instantly shared by hundreds of community members with their own take of the riddle, generating a massive buzz around the brand.

Spontaneous photoshoots

To give extra legs to the initiative, we also produced short videos that would shine light on each carefully curated shooting location. The videos were then shared through the location’s owned platform, giving Surmesur tons of earned media.

We also made the most of this shooting day by creating extra photo content in between takes with the 3 models wearing their 9 different outfits.

205 Organic shares
65 000 + Unique views
250 000 Total reach

The team behind the project