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Republik Playground Internship


Recruiting Summer 2018

The Playground is open. Come put your skills into play in the midst of a team of All-Stars. We’re looking for real team players, hungry for on the field experience and who are looking to get their hands dirty in a full time paid internship. Time for theory is over, it’s time to play!

We promise to coach you, to push you, but on top of all, to never bench you.

Are you ready?

Here are the open roster spots.

Visual Content Creator

The only valid resolution in your life is the one from your camera? You’re dreaming in 4K? Come and show us how well you handle on the field!

Required skills:
- Can maneuver a camera in video mode.
- Can conceptualize diverse formats of social media content.
- Advanced picture editing aptitudes with Adobe.

- Capture the behind-the-scenes of everything that is done in-house.
- Create video content.
- Imagine concepts for visual content.

Community Manager

You know how to recognize every VSCO filter? Your heart sinks when one of your Instagram photos doesn’t match your feed? Come and manage other accounts than yours! Your Instagram game is your favourite sport? A weak internet signal on your phone prompts a mild panic? You’re one of us.

Required skills:
- Instagram community growth hacking skills.
- Identifying and managing relationships with influencers.
- Social media content tactics & strategies.

- Assure a rigorous community management.
- Copywriting for posts on a daily.
- Target pertinent influencers and keep the database up to date.

Community Manager Internship
Internship Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

You become so distracted by posters in the metro that you frequently miss your stop? You cringe when you see someone using Comic Sans? You are our type!

Required skills:
- Master of the Adobe Suite.

- Help develop static formats.
- Help in the creation of graphic concepts and branding.
- Participate in the elaboration of pitch.

Digital Research & Analysis

Decoding the Facebook insights is easier than the subtle messages of your partner? Targeting the right audience for a brand is a piece of cake? Join our team and share your knowledge here!

Required skills:
- Degree in a related field;
- Facebook ad manager skills;
- Facebook insights skills;

- Help on the development of paid media strategies;
- Actively help to define and align performance indicators;
- Research targeting and relevant audiences;

Intern SEO SEM
Internship in Motion Design

Motion Designer

Motion drives you on a daily? You imagine everything surrounding you animated? We want to discover what you can do!

Required skills:
- Master of motion design.
- Master of the Adobe Suite.

- Help develop .GIF, static and motion video content.
- Assist in the design and ideation of video sequences.
- Participate in pitch with the creative team.

Brand Journalist

You’re spending most of your time correcting your friend’s mistakes? Your personal blog is the place you can truly express yourself? Come write for us!

Required skills:
- Impeccable spelling and use of English and french grammar
- Can produce high-quality and well-researched content
- Capacity to generate content quickly

- Write articles
- Suggest new article subjects

Interns Program Republik

Apply here!

Hiring process

The application period ends on March 25th at midnight. n

The selected candidates will be contacted by email to confirm their invitation to an interview session that will take place at the beginning of April at 1435 St-Alexandre Street, suite 710.

The Playground starts Tuesday, May 1st and finishes August 31st. This is a full time paid internship.

May the best players win!