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Administrative assistant

Republik is looking for an Administrative Assistant to support the management team and ensure a smooth operation within the agency as a whole. The agency’s executives are seeking support for time management, priorities and communications with the internal team and various clients and partners.

Alright, so what's the job?

This person will have an overview of the executive team’s activities and will be able to prioritize multiple cases, put in place efficient administrative processes, and become the benchmark in terms of management assisting the executives.

  • Manage the agendas of the executive team and monitoring priorities on a daily basis;
  • Support the team in the preparation of various documents, reports, presentations, or research to be carried out;
  • Participate in the agency's billing cycle;
  • Manage document and file archiving, invoices, and accounts payable;
  • Act as a benchmark in relation to agency life and employee well-being and as a middleman/middlewoman with various external suppliers;
  • Attend various agency meetings in order to draft reports and carry out the necessary follow-ups;
  • Participate in cultural and staff-oriented initiatives;
  • Write, proofread, and translate documents.

What kind of background are you looking for?

Honestly, we don't think it's a good thing to have a too-long list of criteria. So let's just say these are some of the traits we think might help you do your job well:

  • More than 3 years experience in a support role to an executive team, preferably in an entrepreneurial environment;
  • A proactive attitude towards planning, management, and organization of different processes;
  • A sense of priorities, confidentiality and flexibility;
  • Comfortable with Google Workspace;
  • Basic skills in accounting and accounting software;
  • Ability to set up presentations;
  • Fluent in both spoken and written French and English.

What kind of people do you hire?

First of all, let us be clear: we will always prioritize people from minority groups at equivalent skills and experience. That being said, here are our five social standards that guide us in our mission and hiring process:

1 - Be Committed

We're all on the same team and we share a common vision for a better world. Building a better world takes time and energy, so we have to make commitments—to our colleagues, our clients, and our planet.

2 - Stay Curious

Our 9 to 5 doesn’t define who we are. But who we are defines our 9 to 5. We cultivate our passions, we seek discovery, and we stay open to the world. Keeping our fire alive is a full-time job.

3 - Think Bold

We don’t do average. Our ideas are meant to hack the status quo and challenge brands to dream about what they can become. Forget impossible, because to change the world, you have to be crazy enough to believe you can.

4 - Speak Real

We like our stories real and our facts checked. No B.S. Our culture is inclusive and our collaborations based on integrity and honesty. Ego is not your amigo.

5 - Rise Together

Our collaboration exists above titles and our trust in one another is more than just task descriptions. We work together with more empathy than criticism, more vulnerability than ego, and more listening than talking. Because 1+1=3.

And what are the perks?

All agencies offer pretty much the same thing, right? A good salary, nice offices, a decent insurance coverage, etc. Of course we have all of that, but that's not what sets us apart. What makes us different is that we truly care about our employees and we walk the talk. (We actually won a prize for that!)

We are very flexible with remote working and vacation time. And we understand how work-family balance is important; there were 4 new babies this year at Republik!

We have a beautiful office in downtown Montreal, but we also have an office in Tremblant to make sure people stay connected with nature. We have online yoga classes, a cash-back program for those who use public transportation, lunch-and-learn sessions every month, and one big offsite event every year with inspiring guest speakers and team-building activities. Oh and everyone gets Friday afternoons off in the summer to enjoy the beautiful weather!

But most importantly, our team is what makes Republik different. Everybody brings their passions and convictions to work, so that means you’ll always find a camp, ski, bike, or beer buddy! Or someone to talk to about your vegan lifestyle or mental health.

There's so much more, but you'll have to come see for yourself!

Hiring process

  • This is a full-time job offer, which starts as soon as possible.
  • Salary based on experience.
  • Only selected candidates will be contacted.
  • To apply, send us your resume, relevant achievements, and links to the platforms of your choice (LinkedIn, Behance, Personal website, and/or social media) by filling in the form here.

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About Republik

Republik is a creative agency at the intersection of brands & sustainability. A certified B-Corporation and Global Compact Signatory, we’re a collective of purpose-driven talents who share a common belief that businesses can do well by doing good. Our clients retain our services to develop purpose-centric brand platforms, digital marketing & content solutions, as well as change-focused advertising campaigns. We believe brands can change the world. Do you?