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Influencer Marketing
Real Stories Require Real People

We believe in social influence as a tool for brand adaptivity.

Whether it's to generate authentic contents, to grow your credibility or to connect & learn from your audience, our independent & transparent philosophy is aligned with only one objective: yours.

Our methodology connects your brand’s DNA & resources with your ambassadors, creators or influencers' creativity to generate real lasting influence.

Co-creation programs

Our team deploys co-creation programs that identify creators among your brand's audience in order to generate authentic brand content at scale.

Influencer programs

Our team identifies real social influencers within your community to deploy long-term partnerships that grow your brand's awareness, reach & engagement.

Affiliate programs

Our team develops & manages affiliate programs for your brand and its influencers, in order to generate measurable conversions that are beneficial to both parties.

Brand ambassadors

Our team develops & negotiates long-term partnerships with ambassadors, celebrities or public figures in order to raise your brand's awareness & credibility.

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