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Covid-19 Special
Our best advice for brands

Empathic brands will outlast the crisis

To face this unprecedented crisis, governments are resorting to extreme measures: closings, confinement and declaring a state of emergency. In this context, Canadians are worried; feelings of uncertainty and loneliness are growing within the population.

What role should brands play in this crisis?

60% of Canadians don't want to see new advertising campaigns. - Angus Reid, March 16 2020

However, with every crisis comes opportunity: e-commerce, local purchasing and social content are growing trends across all industries.

This begs the question: How can brands seize this opportunity while being sensitive to the issues at hand?

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Here are our top recommendations

To seize these opportunities without seeming opportunistic, brands need to identify their community's needs and add a social benefit to their value proposition.

  1. Be useful. Brands need to re-focus their actions on their core purpose.

  2. See beyond the transaction. Brands need to revisit their value proposition.

  3. Show solidarity. Brands must give before they ask from their consumers.

  4. Demonstrate locality. Brands need to humanize their narrative.

  5. Think organic. Brands need to stay away from heavy advertising spend.

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